How to Clear Emotional Clutter

Physical clutter we all understand. It is the accumulation of too much stuff that we can see and feel. Emotional clutter is something altogether different, yet, similar in its own way. It is the accumulation of persistent negative thoughts or thought loops that can clutter our mind and drain our energy. Although you can’t call a junk hauling company (like 123JUNK) to haul it away, the good news is that there are ways to clear emotional clutter.

What is Emotional Clutter?

Emotional clutter is negative thoughts that are deep-seated beliefs about yourself, like “Nobody really loves me,” “I am terribly awkward talking with people,” “I’m not deserving,” or “I can’t do it.” Unfortunately, the more you let them clutter your mind, the deeper these thoughts seat themselves, like a bad habit, or grooves on a record that that plays over and over again.

How to Clear Emotional Clutter

The brain is an amazing instrument that can be reprogrammed. In scientific terms, this is called neuroplasticity, or “the brain’s ability to modify, change and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experience,” according to a Frontiers in Psychology article.

Step One: Identify the Negative Thoughts

Each time you have a negative thought, acknowledge it. Write it down. Notice and record how often it appears. Think to yourself, “Is this really true?”

Step Two: Slowly Make Changes

You can’t just swing your thought to the opposite end of the spectrum. It won’t work. You have to take baby steps and look at the reality of the situation. If your thought is “Nobody really loves me,” take a count of all the people that really do care about you and create a new script like “My spouse and children love me, and I am lovable.” It is OK to also include yourself in those who love you, as in “I love who I am.” Work on one negative thought at a time.

Step Three: Create New Grooves

Every time you have a repeating negative thought, replace it with the new thought. The more you retrain your brain, the fewer times the negative thought will reappear. Consciously repeat the new thought, even when the negative thought isn’t appearing. Say it out loud, and repeat it often, like when you’re taking a walk, driving or in front of the mirror.

Step Four: Be Kind to Yourself

It takes time to reprogram negative thoughts, so be compassionate to yourself and remember your own worth. Create a strong support system of people who can reiterate and reinforce your new, positive thoughts.

Once you are able to clear negative thoughts, you will feel lighter and more freedom than ever before. These thoughts are not facts. They are merely thoughts. Visualize a path to a new outcome and repeat that image until it becomes the new reality. As you clear emotional clutter, you are able to make better decisions about everything, leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Want to know more? Here are several books designed to help clear emotional clutter:

Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation, by Donald Altman, 2016.

Emotional clutter—the equivalent of a jam-packed closet in your mind—has been proven to block success in professional and personal lives. It can results from hidden pains and traumas and creates toxic patterns. The author helps you identify what you’re holding on to and how to cleanse, heal or accept old wounds, mistakes and disappointments.

Clutter Busting Your Life: Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter to Reconnect with Yourself and Others, by Brooks Palmer, 2012.

Keeping things you no longer need can keep you from experiencing the joy of connection. The author discusses how we use clutter to protect ourselves, control others and cling to the past, and how to not only clear clutter but enjoy deeper, more authentic relationships.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever, by Karen Kingston, 2016.

This author claims that clutter is stuck energy that has far-reaching effects beyond the stuff, and causing effects to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She covers why people keep clutter, how it stagnates your life, and how to clear it quickly and effectively.

Clear Clutter in MD, DC and Northern VA with 123JUNK

Did you know that emotional clutter can lead to physical clutter? When you’re ready to clear the clutter out of your home or office, contact 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to remove junk, furniture, appliances, household goods and use our 1-2-3 process to Donate-Recycle-Dispose of them in the best and most eco-friendly ways possible. We’ll also do a complete cleanout of your property if needed.

For junk hauling in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia, contact 123JUNK.

Get Ready for Summer with Lawn Equipment Removal

Uh oh, you went to mow the lawn for the first time this year and your mower won’t start. It’s old and you thought it might be on its last leg last year, so you’ve decided it’s time to get a new mower. What do you do with the old push mower or riding mower? You call 123JUNK for lawn equipment removal.

Lawn Mower and Lawn Equipment Removal

You’ll need to mow your lawn at least once a week throughout the warmer months, and you’ll want a mower that works. You don’t want to have to worry about it breaking down, which, according to Murphy’s Law, will happen just when you’re trying to get ready to head out of town on vacation. Right?

If you have a large riding mower to remove, you can’t just toss it into your trunk and take it away. But we can! We have some of the largest trucks in the industry! We’ll also take your push mowers, trimmers, hoes, rakes, and any other lawn equipment or yard tools you no longer use. If any are in good working condition, consider donating them to one of our charitable partners so that someone else can benefit.

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Shed and Garage Cleanout

When it’s time to mow, it’s frustrating to have to dig through piles of junk in the garage or shed to actually get to the mower—either to take it out or put it away. We can help here too by hauling away items you’ve stored that you no longer want. Maybe it’s old lawn equipment that doesn’t work; perhaps it’s rusty or there is a piece missing that you just haven’t gotten around to replacing. Or sports equipment that you’ll never use again. Let us help you make room in your garage or shed for that shiny new riding mower or easy access to the old one!

Filled garage

Here are other outdoor things 123JUNK can remove to help get your lawn ready for summer…

Lawn Debris

This time of year is when you clean up the yard for summer activities. You’ll trim bushes and branches, pull up weeds, and create a brush pile that is both unsightly and in the way of your lawn maintenance and enjoyment. Don’t break your back or spend the weekend loading it into your car and taking it to the dump…let our team haul that yard debris away for you.

Sports Equipment

Do you have an old swingset, sandbox, soccer goals or other large yard toys or sports equipment you don’t use any more? Remove them and take back your yard for entertaining and relaxing. Our 123JUNK team will disassemble your equipment and load it into our big red truck. All you have to do is relax!

Hot Tub and Pool

Get rid of that unsightly—and unused—hot tub or above-ground pool easily by contacting 123JUNK. The only thing we need you to do is drain any water from the item ahead of time so that we can easily and quickly tear down and load these items onto the truck.Construction Materials

Building a new deck or patio? You may have to tear out the old one and remove it. And there’s sure to be some construction debris after the job is done if you’re adding a new outdoor feature to your home. Let 123JUNK help you remove wood, stone or other construction materials to help you enjoy your new outdoor living space.

Haul Away Lawn Equipment, Yard Debris, Outdoor Equipment and Entertainment Features, and Construction Debris with 123JUNK

If you live in Northern Virginia, Washington DC or Maryland, let 123JUNK help you get your yard ready for summer fun by removing your unwanted lawn or sports equipment, and other outdoor items. Contact us at 1-800-364-5778 to talk to one of our Customer Success Representatives in person and schedule your junk removal.

Does Your Company Have an Office Recycling Program?

April’s Earth Day reminds us of one of the reasons we started 123JUNK: to keep as much out of the local landfills as possible. One of the ways you can do this in your company (other than using us) is to implement an office recycling program.

Tips for Creating an Effective Office Recycling Program

Go Paperless

  • Instead of printing hard copies of documents, get into the habit of saving them to your hard drive. Email documents when possible.
  • Do your banking online and share documents via e-billing and online document sharing software.

Save Resources

  • Save paper by printing two-sided documents when you need a hard copy.
  • Save ink by using a small font on documents. Set the printer for its “draft” ink savings setting.
  • Reuse file folders
  • Use the backs of discarded papers as note pads

Purchase Recycled Materials

There are a number of items composed of recycled content you can purchase for your office use: 

  • Reams of paper (look for 100% post-consumer recycled content)
  • Clipboards in 100% recycled wood (hardboard) or 60% post-consumer recycled plastic
  • Pens & Pencils, some are made from recycled cardboard, wood, newspaper or even old money
  • Dry erase and white boards, with refillable 100% aluminum markers
  • Post-It notes
  • Manilla mailing envelopes
  • Clear tape made from 100% recycled content
  • Recycled paper clips (use paper clips instead of staples)
  • Office furniture and protective floor mats can also be purchased with recycled content

Create Recycling Bins

Business materials that can be recycled, according to the EPA, include plastic, steel, paper, corrugated paper, solid fiber boxes, and industrial paperboard.

  • Set up paper recycling bins near office desk clusters and next to copy machines
  • Create a recycling center in the company’s kitchen or break area for food packaging, metals and acceptable plastics

Train Your Employees

Even though you have an office recycling program in place, are your employees utilizing it? Make it easy for them to participate, and show the benefits of recycling.

  • Educate employees on your office recycling program
  • Create a “green team”
  • Make a list of what types of items can be recycled. If you don’t know whether an item can be recycled, use a “recyclepedia.”
  • Place your recycling bins and signage in prominent locations
  • Group bins and have separate bins for each material type
  • Create a “recyclable” supply room in your office where employees can place items they no longer need or use, and pick up items they need

Hold a Recycling Challenge

  • Create recycling contests with rewards
  • Develop a monthly recycling goal; change the goal each month
  • Offer recognition levels for recycling achievements
  • Have employees participate in or volunteer for an offsite recycling event

Special Considerations

Almost everything in the office can be included in your office recycling program, however many of these items cannot be tossed into your recycling bin. They must be delivered to an e-waste recycling center, or in some cases, returned to the manufacturer.

  • Electronics. Pretty much anything with a cord or a plug, including computers, printers, copiers, tablets, telephones, external hard drives, USB cords, monitors, etc. can be recycled through an e-waste center or donated.
  • Toner cartridges and printer ribbons. Most often, these can be returned to the manufacturer for recycling or refill.
  • Cell phones. When a phone becomes outdated, it still has value. Cell phones can be returned to the manufacturer via a mail-in recycling program or donated to an organization as part of a fund-raising drive. Otherwise, it can go to an e-waste recycling center.
  • Batteries. Batteries contain metals that can be recycled, however, they also contain chemicals that can harm the environment.
  • CDs and DVDs. Since we’re using the cloud most often nowadays for our documents, CDs and DVDs are no longer popular. As they contain #7 polycarbonate plastic, and can release toxic gases if burned, these cannot be tossed in the trash or recycle bin.
  • Fluorescent bulbs. Because they contain mercury, fluorescent bulbs should not be throw into the trash.

Why Recycle?

  • To reduce landfill waste
  • To help the environment
  • To create jobs
  • To save energy, water, trees and other resources
  • To save money in office expenses

Office Recycling Through 123JUNK

Now that you’re collecting all these great office items for recycling, it’s time to contact 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to pick up these items in our big red trucks and deliver them to the appropriate recycling or donation centers. It’s part of our 1-2-3 Donate-Recycle-Dispose process.

And if you have items that can be recycled back into the community, like office desks, chairs or partitions, we’ll pick those up too and donate them on your behalf to our charity partners who resell these items to raise money for their causes like preventing homelessness. We’ll provide you with a receipt for tax purposes. Do this and you’ll not only get rid of items you don’t want, you’ll help both the community and the environment. Add that to your company challenge!

When you’re ready, contact 123JUNK. You’ll love our all-inclusive pricing and our stellar customer experience.

Professional property cleanout services in Chantilly VA

Do I Need to Be There for My Junk Removal?

When 123JUNK schedules a junk removal pickup with a homeowner or business client, we prefer that the client is going to be on site when we arrive. However, “Do I need to be there for my junk removal” is one of the questions we sometimes get from prospective clients. Let’s look at why you need to be present.

Here are some reasons why you need to be there for your junk removal:

To Enable Interior Access

When you have junk, furniture or household goods that need to be removed from inside your home, garage or yard, our team members will require access. Someone needs to be there to let them in and walk them to the areas where our team will get to work. We’ll also need to see the floors, stairs, walls and any property we’ll need to work around so we can protect them during your junk removal.

To Identify Items for Removal

You know exactly which items need to be hauled, and you may have already gathered them into a pile. But if you have furniture, appliances or other large items, they cannot be piled. To ensure we take the correct items—and get everything you want removed, we ask that you be there to help to point them out to our team.

To Make Sure We Can Take It

There are certain items, like chemicals or hazardous waste, that are prohibited by law for 123JUNK to haul. And sometimes our clients have questions on whether we can take an item or not. You need to be there to show us the items, and it’s OK if you ask if we can haul or recycle things you’re not sure about. We do ask that you not put questionable items into boxes where they cannot be identified by sight. You can also check our FAQs for a listing of items we can and cannot take.

Related: EPA–Household Hazardous Waste

To Ensure the Job is Complete

When you are there for your junk removal, we want you to make sure that we complete the job to your full satisfaction—that we’ve taken all of the items you want us to and swept the area where they were located to leave it tidy.

To Set Expectations About What Can Be Donated.

In order to provide a better service experience to our clients, it is best that we have a discussion about your items and our professional opinion about what our charity partners will be interested in accepting from your property.

Are There Times When I Don’t Need to Be There for My Junk Removal?

We truly prefer that you are on site when we arrive for your junk removal, and in 99.9% of the time, we’ll require it. It helps us to avoid confusion, offer you a smoother and more enjoyable transaction, and ensure that the job is done right and to your satisfaction.

On rare occasions, we have scheduled a curbside pickup where the client does not have to be there. Whether we can provide that service to your situation is something we determine on a case-by-case basis.

Schedule Your Junk Removal in DC, MD and No. VA with 123JUNK

When you schedule your junk removal with 123JUNK, we’ll walk you through what to expect and provide you with convenient, all-inclusive pricing up front. If you need junk removal from your home—or commercial or office spaces—in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, contact 123JUNK at 1-800-364-5778.

Washington DC is One of the Greenest Cities in the World

Did you know that Washington DC was the first LEED Platinum City in the world!  In 2017 it was awarded the LEED for Cities Certification, an honor given to cities containing the most green buildings and sustainable building initiatives. For a world capital, the District of Columbia is surprisingly green! But it didn’t happen by accident. Mayor Muriel Bowser and the city chose to leverage technology and data to achieve resiliency and sustainability goals to create a healthy and safe community.

According to the US Green Building Council (USGBC), “The LEED platform recognizes the outcomes of a city’s leadership in creating a sustainable and resilient-built environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, support clean energy innovation, and focus on inclusive prosperity and livability in all eight wards.”

One example is the American Geophysical Union (AGU) headquarters, with its net zero energy renovation. The energy used to power the building and activities within is the same or less than energy generated onsite through renewable energy. This building has 700 solar panels installed on the roof and a rainwater collection system. Another example is the Discovery School in Arlington, VA, Virginia’s first net zero energy building, with 1706 solar panels on its roof to help power its 100% LED lighting.

Even More Greenest Honors

Washington DC/Arlington/Alexandria also came in third place as one of the greenest American cities with more than 1 million people on a ListShack survey, just behind number one Austin/Round Rock, Texas and Portland, Oregon. Cities were rated based on five “green points:” the number of LEED-certified buildings (per 1,000 residents); the percentage of parkland; miles of bike lanes (per 10,000 residents); the number of farmer’s markets (per 10,000 residents); and the quantity of electric car plug-in locations (per 10,000 residents).

And in 2021, Washington, DC appeared in the 7th position in the Greenest Cities in America list provided by WalletHub, based on 28 key indicators of environmental friendliness and sustainability that promote a green lifestyle.

Other Greenest Initiatives

Washington DC was the first city in North America to institute a bikeshare system—Capital Bikeshare, and more than 60% of travel around the city is done by bicycle, walking or public transport, where many of the buses run on alternative fuels.

DC’s food scene is also green. You’ll find “farm to table” restaurants and hotels featuring their own gardens and beehives to supply food, and with access to farmer’s markets, locally-sourced foods and beverages are often found on the menu. Catering companies switched from single-use cutlery to reusable or biodegradable options, plastic and paper bags received a surcharge, and polystyrene food packaging and cartons were banned.

Another initiative, DC’s RiverSmart program, gives financial rebates to property owners who use rain barrels and rain gardens, shade trees and green roofs to capture water. These enable rainwater to stay on site and soak into the ground where pollutants are removed by natural processes. The program was initiated to help reduce stormwater runoff that can harm both DC’s waterways and the Chesapeake Bay.

123JUNK is Committed to “Going Green”

At 123JUNK, we founded our business with environmental sustainability at the forefront of our mission. We like to think we’re the “greenest” junk removal company in our area! Our 3-step “Donate-Recycle-Dispose” process helps keep items out of area landfills, and often recirculates them back into the community through our charitable partners.

Learn more about our 1-2-3 junk disposal process and our convenient flat-fee pricing, and contact 123JUNK when you need to clear out your home or office. There’s no need to sort items in advance; our team is glad to do that for you. Just point us towards the items you’d like to donate or remove and we’ll do the rest.

For the greenest, most environmentally-friendly Junk Removal in DC, Northern VA and MD, contact 123JUNK.

What to Do With Your Unwanted Household Items

If you’re like others, you have many items around your home that you just don’t need or use any more. Perhaps you’ve replaced the furniture with newer versions. Or maybe the kids have outgrown their clothes and toys. No matter what the reason, you’re ready to get rid of these items. But…they might be in too good a shape to throw away. That’s when you wonder what to do with your unwanted household items.

123JUNK has the perfect solution.

123JUNK offers a one-stop solution to clearing out your unwanted household items. We started our business and run it successfully with the philosophy of Donate-Recycle-Dispose.


If your unwanted items are in good or even great shape, or if you desire to donate items, 123JUNK can pick up these items and carry them to one of our local charity partners like A Wider Circle, Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore, Passion for Community or the Montgomery County Humane Society. There, your items can be provided to a family in need, or sold in one of the retail outlets to raise money for charitable causes.

You will be provided with a receipt of your donation that you can use for a tax deduction.


Sometimes an item isn’t in good enough shape to be repurposed back into the community, however, it may contain materials that can be recycled. It is our goal to keep as many items out of our area landfills as possible. We’ll divide out items like metals, electronics, some plastics, paper, cardboard, clothing, and other recyclables when we load our big red truck and deliver them directly to an area recycling center.


Only after the Donate and Recycle options are depleted do we set aside the rest of the collection to deliver to area landfills.


Talk to Our Representative

If you’re wondering what to do with your unwanted household items, give 123JUNK a call. We don’t use automated answering systems, so you’ll reach one of our client relationship representatives (“meet” them on our blog!). Feel free to ask questions about our processes, our charity partners, our fees, and even our values structure.

Enjoy Convenient Flat Fee Pricing

Speaking of fees, you’ll enjoy 123JUNK’s flat fee pricing. It doesn’t matter how heavy the load is or how long it takes us to load and deliver it. Our rates are set based on how much space the items take on our trucks. And we have some of the the largest trucks in the industry!

Included in your price quote are the fuel costs, labor charges, disposal fees, donation delivery costs, and full damage insurance. We can give an estimate over the phone. (10% discount for curbside pickups!)

Labor Only Services

Don’t forget about 123JUNK’s labor-only services. We’ll be glad to move items around your property while we’re hauling away your unwanted household items.

Wondering What to Do With Your Unwanted Household Items? Call 123JUNK.

If you’re in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington DC and are wondering what to do with your unwanted household items, contact 123JUNK. We’re proud of our 1-2-3 Donate-Recycle-Dispose process, and you will be too, knowing you’ve helped the environment and perhaps other families in your own community. Learn more about the 123JUNK story.

123JUNK is the first choice for junk hauling in your neighborhood. And the easiest solution to your junk removal needs. Call us at 1-800-364-5778 to schedule your next pickup.

Partner Spotlight: Christina Bond, Creating Space DC

Meet our Partner – Christina Bond, owner of Creating Space DC

We’d like to introduce you to another great partner of 123JUNK. In this post, you’ll meet an organizing expert who helps homeowners declutter and keep only those items that “spark joy” utilizing Marie Kondo’s KonMari Method.

Tell us about what you do at Creating Space DC.

I help people declutter. I’m called a professional organizer, but if people that call me don’t say anything about needing to declutter first, before we organize, then I refer them to one of my organizing colleagues. My passion is helping my clients take a fresh look at what they have, where the clutter builds up, and why it is still there. Hopefully, we get some insights into why the clutter accumulated in the first place, which is a long-term solution rather than a quick fix. I am certified by Marie Kondo’s organization to coach people through the KonMari Method.

What is your background?

I was in the Navy and attended the Naval Academy in Annapolis, after which I served on a cruiser and an aircraft carrier. With Creating Space DC, I’m a Certified KonMari Master Consultant. To earn my certification, I took a three-day training in person, and after the training session we had to submit reports on practice clients for at least 30 hours until the organization felt satisfied that we were staying true to the KonMari Method. Then, I had a written test and an interview. I continue to submit reports and moved up through the certification levels, based on the number of hours put into teaching the KonMari Method. I now have more than 1,500 hours in client sessions to date.

How did you get interested in this business?

My interest started with the KonMari Method. I heard about it on Facebook from a friend who posted a picture of her stuff going out the door. Then I read Marie Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up in the airport on the way home from a yoga retreat. It was powerful for me. By the time I arrived home, I had a few pages of notes full of things I wanted to get out of my house, so I did the process on my own home. I loved it so much that I created my own business helping other people through the method. I’m also interested in Japanese culture having lived in Japan and studying there in high school.

Did you have any insights when decluttering your own home?

I actually got stuck partway through the KonMari Method in the paper category. I wished I had a coach to help me through that. I ended up getting through it because I signed up for Marie Kondo’s training and had to complete my own tidying marathon.

What is the KonMari Method?

There are two things that distinguish the KonMari Method from other organizing methods. First is the idea of sorting and organizing by category and not by location. It’s not “I need help with the basement.” Rather, you look at categories, like books, clothes, and papers, for example. Once you start pulling the categories together, storage areas eventually get resolved. The second distinguishing characteristic is the very simple decision-making criteria: Does it spark joy? I have people touch each item and then ask themselves, “Does it lift my energy, or do I feel ‘ugh’ about it?” Then I start asking questions like “Would you pack it for a vacation?” or “When was the last time you used it?”

Marie Kondo has a particular KonMari folding method. Do you teach that?

Yes. I show my clients how to fold items and put them away using that method, but I don’t push that point if they don’t want to do it.

Do you help with downsizing?

Sometimes. But if people are thinking about moving, they have to work with me in advance. If they’re just about to move, it’s too late to do the type of editing we do.

How did you meet 123JUNK?

I joined the local NAPO chapter (National Association of Productivity & Organizing Professionals) where 123JUNK is a business partner. I heard about them at one of the monthly meetings, had a client who needed their services, and I suggested them. When I reached out, I got a great and quick response. They gave me an idea of pricing right away so I could tell my client during our session. The client used them and the job went well.

Do you have a favorite story about 123JUNK?

My client had ordered a lot of things online and had never even taken the items out of the boxes. There were piles of unopened boxes in several different rooms. I helped the client to open the boxes and when we did, there was a lot of cardboard to get rid of. We also decluttered the home and had a pile of both trash and donations. It filled half the garage. When 123JUNK came, they were able to take the cardboard for recycling, the trash and the donations all at one time. 123JUNK is always responsive—I get a quick response, which I appreciate. And after the job, they emailed to thank me for the referral.

What is your favorite part of your business?

I get to see a range of people, and everyone is so different. I love hearing their personal stories. Some people are extremely organized and have just accumulated items over the years and it’s time to go through them. Others are very disorganized and have lots of things. I enjoy the feeling of helping them get unstuck, at whatever place they are, and feeling like I’ve made a difference in moving their lives forward.

What region do you work in?

I live close to Union Station in Washington, DC and I like to work within a 25-mile radius from downtown DC.

What do you do when not working?

I’m passionate about yoga and taught yoga classes for years. I spend time with my family—my husband, my nine-year-old son, and a pandemic puppy. I also like traveling and am planning trips for later this year.

What’s one thing you would like people to know about Creating Space DC?

What I do takes a little more time than, say, a team that spends eight hours organizing everything in a house. I work one on one with clients to make decisions about decluttering. They have to be there and engage in the process. I consider this a longer-term solution. It doesn’t make sense to me to invest time and money into organizing the clutter nicely just to have it accumulate again. When my clients are engaged in the process themselves they get a chance to confront the underlying cause of the clutter. Because people tend to procrastinate, I’d encourage them to set a date with me, and that will help them get started.

Meet Becca Culver, Customer Success Representative

“Happiness is a direction, not a place.”  –Sydney J. Harris

Here at 123JUNK, we’d like to introduce you to another fantastic team member: Becca Culver.

What is your role at 123JUNK?

As a Customer Success Representative, my role is to help customers who are looking to get a pickup scheduled. I help them understand how our company operates, how the pickup process will go, and I make sure their pickup goes smoothly.

How long have you worked there?

I started in November of 2021.

What did you do before working at 123JUNK?

I worked in a few different companies/fields. I’ve worked in Property Management, the car industry and the concierge industry as an account manager.

How did you hear about 123JUNK?

When I worked at my previous job, Dave Echeverria was the recruiter and recruited me to work there. (Dave is now the Director of Talent Acquisition at 123JUNK.) When I left that job, I reached out to Dave and was granted an interview.

What do you like best about 123JUNK?

The people. I’m fortunate enough to work with some really great people. Everyone loves their job and what they do. It is warm and welcoming, which makes coming to work pleasant. I also like talking to different people every day and helping them get their junk removal needs taken care of. I’m a big people person.

What three words best describe you?

Honest. Hard working. Enthusiastic.

What is your background?

I was born and raised in Rockville, MD and since I still have family in the area, I hang out with them often. I have a BS degree in marketing from York College in Pennsylvania.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I’m a big movie buff and like watching movies. I have two Siberian huskies and spend lots of time playing with and walking them. And I’m newly an aunt twice over and enjoy hanging out with my niece and nephew.

What’s a fun fact about you?

I am ambidextrous!

Have you picked up any important lessons while working at 123JUNK?

I spend a difficult few days on the truck with the guys and that was eye opening. It definitely gave me respect for the truck staff. We had one day with a lot of really heavy items to pick up and it took a lot of trips. It was physically tiring. You learn what the truck staff has to deal with every day. It’s not always just picking up sofas and pillows. You have to haul some pretty heavy things under not always the best conditions. I was fortunate enough to work with all the staff, who did their job with smiles on their faces and no complaints.

How did this experience affect the job you do now?

I learned to respect what the truck crew does—their schedule and what they have to take in. I am cognizant not to overload them with jobs or send them on back to back jobs with heavy items. I don’t want them working 12 hours a day.

Do you have any advice for someone new to 123JUNK?

Learn as much as you can. And it’s important to ask questions. Be open to feedback and be willing to take on new tasks. That way you can grow. I like to take on new challenges to see if it is something I can do, especially if I haven’t done it before. It’s an opportunity to learn.

At 123JUNK, we’re always looking to hire great people!

If you’d like to work at 123JUNK, check out the “We’re Hiring” section on our website. There you’ll find job openings and descriptions for positions in Maryland, DC and Northern Virginia.

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Meet our Partner: Andrea Hancock of Dexterous Organizing

At 123JUNK, we love to partner with great people in our communities to help provide exceptional services to our clients—and we to theirs. Let’s introduce you to Andrea Hancock of Dexterous Organizing.

What is Dexterous Organizing and what does your company do?

We are an organizing company that works with super busy people. We provide organizing/staging, estate sales/cleanouts, and relocation management. We are adept at taking on large projects and completing them in a relatively short amount of time, like moves, relocations, or whole home organizing. As project managers, we can even help someone clean out an estate in about two weeks.

What is your role at Dexterous Organizing?

I am the founder, CEO and the Director of Business Operations. I still work with clients occasionally, but my main focus right now is building and scaling the company.

Tell us a little about Dexterous Organizing

I started Dexterous Organizing in 2010 and was a solo organizer for about seven years. Then in 2017, I started to build the team. I began with Kellie Powell and then we grew our team with other organizers. All of our team leads are National Association of Productivity Organizing Professionals (NAPO) members. Teamwork makes the dream work and to facilitate that, we hold monthly meetings and all-day trainings once a quarter to talk about the business, how to better serve our clients, and teamwork. We don’t want any project to be hindered by someone being a bottleneck, so we emphasize collaboration to make sure anyone can step into a project or delegate to another team member. Things can change quickly on a job, especially with relocations.

Our clients like the way we price, it may make more sense to hire a team of organizers than a single organizer. We’re set up for team jobs so that we can do in one day what may take one organizer several sessions.

What is your background?

I have an accounting degree from the University of Maryland, College Park. And prior to starting Dexterous Organizing, I was an accountant for a Nonprofit in NoVA.

I always wanted to own a business but didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. When I saw a professional organizer on television, on the Clean House show, I did an Internet search and found NAPO. I joined at the national level, and then the local level at NAPO Washington DC and found my peeps. I love it and I love helping people. It’s my dream career and I get to use logic and creativity together, because that’s what it takes to organize. I recently earned my Residential Organizing certificate from NAPO and plan to get more of their certifications.

What region do you serve?

Our home office is in Alexandria, and we serve Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia within a 25-mile radius around Alexandria.

What’s unique about Dexterous Organizing?

We offer a free success follow up. We’ll come back either virtually or in person to do a walkthrough of the work we completed to make sure we met the goals outlined in the initial consultation. If there are tweaks needed, we make them. Often our clients are pleased with our work and are ready to start on another part of their residence.

How did you meet 123JUNK?

I met Collin Wheeler (123JUNK’s founder) while networking with NAPO’s DC chapter. 123JUNK has been a corporate partner of NAPO ever since I’ve been a member, so we rubbed elbows quite a bit over the years.

What do you like best about 123JUNK?

We use 123JUNK quite a bit, especially during the summer moving season. What I love about them is their customer service. I don’t feel like I need to be on the jobsite to manage anything—I know they’ll do a great job. They are professionals.

Do you have a favorite story about working with 123JUNK?

I was working with a client doing a discard and donate prior to a move and the family had set aside some papers they needed to shred. 123JUNK got to the home before I did and accidentally picked up the entire pile the family was sending to be disposed of—including this bag of important papers. Once we realized it had been loaded onto the truck, I called 123JUNK. The drivers came back within a few minutes, went through the truck and were able to retrieve the bag of papers and safely bring it back to the client. Both the clients and I were relieved!

What’s your favorite part of your business?

I like helping people. There’s no greater satisfaction than our clients’ gratitude for the peace of mind we give them when a project is safely delegated or when we introduce a system or process that makes their life easier.

Tell us about the awards you’ve won recently.

We were named a Top Pro 2021 by Thumbtack; a winner of the Best of Washington DC 2021, “Best Organizer,” in a public poll taken by Modern Luxury magazine; and I was entered into the Golden Circle with NAPO, having been an organizer for more than 10 years.

What do you want people to know about Dexterous Organizing?

We are non-judgmental, and we are insured and bonded. And if someone reads this blog post and mentions it to us, we’ll credit $50 off their in-person consultation!

Thank you, Andrea Hancock for working with 123JUNK!

Meet Jack Brandt, Client Relationship Executive

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”  –Often attributed to Mahatma Gandhi

Our team here at 123JUNK continues to grow! Meet one of our newest additions: Jack Brandt.

What is your role at 123JUNK?

I am a client relationship executive for the Virginia jurisdiction as part of the business development team here at 123JUNK. In this role I am a brand ambassador; I attend networking functions, visit with referral partners, and plant the seeds for connections to help our business grow.

How long have you worked at 123JUNK?

I started in November 2021. I tried to hit the ground running and learn as much as I could, and I’m excited to keep that momentum going.

What did you do before?

I graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Environmental Science in the Class of 2020. After graduating, I worked for a short while at Bozzuto Management Company doing leasing and marketing at a property outside Philadelphia. Then I decided to come back to my hometown of Oakton, VA.

How did you discover 123JUNK?

My college roommate had worked for 123JUNK in the summers and always had good things to say about the organization, so when I was job searching and came across the listing on Indeed, I recognized the company. They were looking for someone with my skill set and it seemed like a great fit.

What’s your favorite part about working here?

Definitely the people. From the first day working on the trucks to the customer service team to the business development team, it’s all about the interactions. I was welcomed from day one with open arms and every person I met has made this experience worthwhile for me. I have to say I loved being with the truck staff; those guys are the lifeblood of our organization.

What do you enjoy best about what you do?

I like being out and about and going to different offices and events—meeting new people and seeing new sights.

What 3 words do you think best describe you?

Compassionate. Energetic. Trustworthy.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

In my free time I enjoy spending time outdoors. I’m an avid snowboarder, camper, hiker, surfer, golfer…anything outside. I also love to spend time with family and friends.

Tell us about your family.

I’d like to thank my mother and father, Bill and Suzanne Brandt, for everything they taught me to help me become the man I am today, as well as my sister Georgia and my dog Eddie.

What fun fact do most people not know about you, Jack Brandt?

It sometimes catches people off guard, but I actually worked a couple of years as a sous chef in an Italian restaurant. I love to cook and that might be my secret talent. My favorites: Italian food and seafood. My favorite dish: Seafood Fra Diavolo.

What advice do you have for someone who either wants to work here or is just starting at 123JUNK?

Try to bring 110% every day. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes; you have a great support group here. Bring your all and you’ll earn the respect of your associates. I can’t say enough about the team members, especially Collin, Kevin, Zach and Bryce for helping me develop into my role. They have been a wealth of knowledge and put in a lot of hard work to help me become the representative I am today.

Do you have a motto you live by?

If you put good things into this world, good things will find their way back to you.

Would you like to work here at 123JUNK?

We’re always looking for great team members like Jack Brandt to help our clients with their junk hauling needs. Check our latest job openings and apply!

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