Core Value – Deep Community Ties

Local Referrals

Working with area charities and participating in local events helps us to establish rich, meaningful connections in the community. The characteristic that really sets us apart, though, is our approach to building business in the DC area.

Our business is grown and maintained almost entirely through word-of-mouth marketing. We use print advertising sparingly, and we rely on the quality of our services to win us new business. 123JUNK also does not produce “junk” advertising in the form of temporary signs on highway medians. Our purpose is remove junk, not to create more of it for our municipal workers to clean up.

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Where does it all go?

Covanta’s Waste-to-Energy Plant

Junk Removal—in principle it’s a really simple service. All you need is a reliable truck, a few strong backs, a container or warehouse, and a local trash facility. When you really start to dig into the rules and regulations governing disposal today, though, it can quickly become convoluted. Of course, that’s a big reason why companies like 123JUNK exist!

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Marketing with an Experience

There are a variety of different approaches, and philosophies related to marketing, and gaining exposure in today’s professional climate. Here at 123JUNK, we value integrity, and this can be clearly seen in the way we treat our clients, and our environment, as well as the ways we choose to advertise.

In a needs-based service industry such as junk removal, there is little room for the cold call hard sell approach to marketing anymore. Through our 4 years in business, we have found that some of our best sales-people, and most valuable marketing tools, are our own impressed and happy clients. This has led us to invest our time and resources into making sure that every person we deal with has a phenomenal experience. We don’t do this in lieu of a marketing campaign, it IS our marketing campaign.

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