Protecting the Home

Our reputation has been built on giving our clients an unexpectedly great experience that they can share with their friends and family.  We continue to build on that reputation by going above and beyond the standards that our competitors and regulators set for us in our line of work.

Consider, for instance, a recent conversation we had with someone who has used junk removal companies in the past.  He said that he doesn’t use junk removal companies because they don’t go to the same lengths as moving companies to protect the home.  In his experience, junk removal companies were more likely to scratch walls, damage items, and leave him unsatisfied with his experience, than say, a moving company would be. He obviously hadn’t used 123JUNK before, but it’s not uncommon for our clients to feel that way about hauling companies before they’ve experienced us.

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Greening Up Junk

Environmentally friendly waste removal is essential in a densely populated metropolis like Washington DC. Just the thought of obstructing any part of the beautiful surrounding area or the shores of the Potomac is hard to fathom. When it comes to junk removal services, it should be one of your priorities to consider a company that follows “green-friendly” standards. Hiring a company that simply takes junk to a landfill or dumping site often leads to those items being left there for many years, and they do not naturally break down.

Many old appliances can even be considered harmful to your health. Just imagine if an old refrigerator was dumped near a watershed, and as a result contaminating the water supply of a whole town. All of this could happen if you don’t ask the right questions about how a company will dispose of your junk.  We are very environmentally conscious and only strive to be even greener in the future. Also, with spring cleaning right around the corner and remodeling projects to look forward to, it is the perfect time to call your neighborhood junk removal service. We hope that you select a company with a good environmental outlook! Stay green DMV!



The 123JUNK level of client satisfaction.

I read recently in a Brian Tracy Book that there are four levels of client satisfaction.

Level One: A company meets the client’s expectations. This is the bare minimum for survival. This is where most reputable companies exist.

Level Two: A company exceeds the client’s expectations. Perhaps somebody over-delivers in some way by going beyond the call of duty.

Level Three: A company delights or impresses their client. They’re so satisfied that their experience that they subconsciously create a sense of loyalty to the company. They are more compelled to use the company again down the line.

Level Four: A company amazes their client. The client is so taken back by the experience that they not only look forward to using the company again, but they feel obligated to tell their friends as well.

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Moldy Junk

In any basement there may be mold growing and slowly making its way throughout the whole house, especially during the winter season.  Sometimes the homeowner doesn’t even know mold is there because there is too much junk in that space to find the source of the problem. You may smell mildew or see something growing up the wall but you can’t possibly move through all of the stuff to get to the source.

Now is your chance to change that. 123Junk will gladly dispose of all of those old, moldy or wet boxes, newspapers, clothes, etc. so that you and your family are able to breathe again. Many people may think to do this themselves, but it isn’t particularly safe to do so on their own due to the harmful things mold spores can do to people’s lungs. We can safely dispose of the problem and you won’t have to think about it ever again. We encourage you to check your items and move those  that are important to avoid having them disposed accidentally. With spring right around the corner, get a breath of fresh air and get rid of your junk.



Backyard Woes

Is your backyard filled with junk like old appliances, children’s play sets, or lawn furniture? We can help. This spring let’s make your junk-filled backyard a night time oasis. Many homeowners forget that new home buyers often purchase a home based on the outside appearance. We understand that it is hard to envision this when there is so much clutter, but underneath it all there is a new place for entertaining and celebrating.

The first step after clearing a space should be planning what you want your new space to look like. Do you want a fire pit, a grill, pool, or maybe even a spot to build a deck? All of these things are possible; you don’t know what you are missing!

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