What sets us apart

At 123JUNK, our mission is a key differentiator between us and the alternatives within our industry. The emphasis we place on our Culture of Excellence, Environmental Stewardship and Deep Community Ties are fundamental to the way we do business, and those elements of how we operate often times are the reason we are selected to perform our services.

Our Backgrounds are Diverse

Something else that may not be as obvious about what makes us special is the fact that we have a crew of Truck Operators with diverse and fascinating backstories that have shaped them into the great people our clients gush about on a regular basis. For instance, one of our team members balances his work at the company with training as a professional boxer. Another is an aspiring actor. We have a guy who spent years managing restaurants, while another earned his bachelor’s degree in conflict analysis and resolution. We have a number of devoted fathers on the staff, working hard to set a good example for their children about the undeniable value of a strong work ethic. We have a USMC veteran, who applies the discipline and honesty ingrained through his service to our country to the work he does helping our clients. You might even end up with the owner of 123JUNK himself showing up in the crew that comes to your home, getting his hands dirty to make sure we have yet another satisfied client.

Unique is a Good Thing

I think what’s most unique about the experience of having a 123JUNK crew come out and remove unwanted items from your property as opposed to one of the alternatives is that there is a shared sense of pride and a mutual respect amongst our entire staff. The things that make each of them unique are also the things that bring them together and teach them to work as a team, to appreciate what each person brings to the table, and to find common ground in completing a job well done.


Labor Only: A Little-Known Service from 123JUNK

By now, everyone knows that 123JUNK hauls junk. But what they may not know is that we provide a little extra service we call “Labor Only.”

Our Labor Only service is used mostly when we’re at a home or office and the owner needs help moving around a few heavy items. It offers the extra help or extra brawn to lift and move weighty or multiple objects. It is ideal for people who are elderly, incapacitated or physically challenged, busy, absent, or stressed for time, although anyone is welcome to use this service.

Here are some examples of Labor Only services:

  • Client has a storage pod or storage unit on site and needs the contents loaded into their home or garage.
  • Client needs to temporarily move the contents of their living room to the family room so new carpet can be installed.
  • Client is doing spring cleaning and needs to move items out of the way in the basement so they can begin the sorting process.
  • Client is remodeling the office and needs the furniture moved to a storage area on premises.
  • Client is cleaning out the shed and wants to have everything removed from it so they can start to reorganize from scratch.
  • Client is putting in a new lawn and irrigation system and needs all lawn furniture and children’s playsets moved into the garage temporarily.

Very often, the client has items they want us to take away when we leave, so we conveniently bring our trucks to every job. Once a space is cleared, it’s difficult to want to fill it back up again with the old stuff.

123JUNK is Not a Moving Company

To be clear, 123JUNK is not a moving company, and we do not move items from one location to another. We partner with many wonderful moving companies who can provide that service for you. If you need a referral, let us know.


Full House vs. Fuller House

There’s a new show on television, a spin-off actually of a very popular sitcom called “Full House.” The new show is titled “Fuller House.”

Full House was very popular from 1987 to 1995 and started off with Danny Tanner, who recruited his two best friends, Joey and Jesse to help raise his three young daughters. As the show progressed, even more people were added to the cast, with friends, girlfriends, wives, and more children came along. This ended up being a very full San Francisco rowhouse.

Fast forward to February 2016, and the premiere of Fuller House, a new Netflix series based on the original concept, with most of the original cast members.

What is a Full House vs. a Fuller House?

Roundabout, this got us at 123JUNK thinking about the concept of Full House vs. Fuller House. In our definition, a Full House is one in which a family can live comfortably. They have just enough to allow them to live the lifestyle they envision, without having too much. There are clear spaces, tasteful decorating, and enough room so that they don’t feel crowded or cramped.

You can take this same house, under the Fuller House definition, with the same family, and with too much stuff in the house, they are no longer living comfortably. They have to move items in order to sit down, can see no clear spaces, have piles of old newspapers or outdated collections, and feel like they need a bigger house.

In extreme conditions, a Fuller House could indicate a hoarding problem, but in most cases, it’s simply an accumulation of stuff that’s built up over the years of living in one place. Don’t worry, we all do it.

Clearing Out Means a Healthier Lifestyle

Clearing out junk can have a cathartic emotional impact on any family. Paraphrasing from a study published in the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute’s The Journal of Neuroscience, when the environment is cluttered, the chaos can restrict one’s ability to focus and process information. It vies for your attention like a needy child, leading to frustration.

123JUNK is a Clean-Out Specialist

Haven’t you looked at the piles around your house and wished somebody else would clean it up for you? Our job at 123JUNK is to remove items from people’s homes and businesses. If you find yourself in a Fuller House situation and want to do something about it, we’ll professionally haul away unused items, old furniture or appliances for you. You’ll feel better about your house, be able to spend more time with the family since you’re not cleaning up all the time, and enjoy the mental and physical freedom a clear space can provide.


123JUNK Customers Toot Our Horn

We didn’t found 123JUNK so we could get notoriety. No, most people don’t pay attention to the workers who remove their trash anyway. Instead, the company was formed because of a real need, and a service that has been appreciated.

When founder Collin Wheeler was working for a residential moving company, he noticed that when people moved, they didn’t want to pay to move items they no longer wanted or needed, and sometimes put these items out on the curb, where they remained for often long periods of time before being picked up.

Collin must have been an entrepreneur at heart because when he saw a need in the D.C. suburbs for efficient junk hauling and trash removal, he went out and bought an old dump truck. Since then, the company has grown exponentially, adding one or two new bright red trucks each year.

While we don’t like to toot our own horn, we love it when our customers rave about our service. Who wouldn’t! Here are some of the latest things they’ve had to say about 123JUNK…

Our Customers Say It For Us

  • “123JUNK was much less expensive than the last company we used and their services were far more thorough.” –Curtis Miller, McLean, VA 
  • “From the initial phone conversation to the pickup, I was impressed with the process and everyone involved.” –Addison V., Rockville, MD
  • “123JUNK was timely and reliable. I left them a key and they did a superb job without me even being there. I strongly recommend them.” –Scott Wilson, Alexandria, VA
  • “I needed old furniture disposed of in a hurry before my new furniture was to be delivered. I found the 123JUNK website, compared prices with another well-known, well-advertised company, and found 123JUNK to be more reasonable. Plus, they could come out the day after I called.” –Anne B., Gaithersburg, MD
  • “Excellent service, polite, helpful employees. They arrived on time and exceeded my expectations in cleaning out all the trash in my basement and garage. I would higly reccomend them to everyone!” –Joseph C., Fairfax, VA
  • “Despite the weather, they came within the time window quoted and were ultimate professionals! Friendly, curteous and practical. They put down pads to protect all the carpets, doors and railings and even made sure my cats were out of the way before going out the front door. The final price came in at the lower end of the range which made me a very happy customer!” — Yvonne T, Sterling, VA

Testimonials Wanted

We’d like to add your testimonial to our list too. What? You haven’t used us yet? Then keep us in mind when you have a need for professional and courteous junk removal for your home or business.

And thank you to all of our customers who have taken the time over the years to send us a testimonial. Your kind words help motivate us to do our job even better.


What did the snow leave behind?

We weathered some significant snows this winter, and now that it’s finally melted away, we’re starting to notice what it’s left behind—and it’s not pretty.

The storms themselves wreaked havoc on trees and landscaping around northern Virginia and Maryland, with broken branches and bushes crushed by the heavy weight. And the snow removal companies plowed up more than snow in some neighborhoods, leaving behind damaged landscaping and piles of road debris and trash. Even lawn furniture and outdoor structures were damaged from the sheer weight of 30 inches of snow.

Don’t Dread the Yard Cleanup, Call 123JUNK!

If you’re dreading cleaning up the snow damage, don’t. That’s what 123JUNK is for. We’ll come to your home or business and clear away the debris for you.

No Job is Too Large or Too Small

If you have just a couple of broken limbs or a picnic table that’s been damaged, we’ll take that. Or if an entire shed needs to be removed, along with a pile of twigs and branches, we’ll take that too. Our large red trucks and experienced staff can handle any size job.

Think about organizing a community clean-up. Gather several households and we’ll clean up all your yards or business location at the same time to beautify your property and rectify any damage the storms left behind.

While We’re There…

Keep in mind that while we’re working on the yard, we can also haul junk away from inside your house. We’re full service! While we’re there, take the opportunity to get rid of old furniture or appliances, outdated electronic equipment or clutter. We’ll Donate, Recycle, or Dispose of items accordingly.

Hopefully, winter’s wrath has passed, and we’re well on the way to Spring. Don’t wait until the last minute to get your yard in shape, call 123JUNK today.


123JUNK Saves The Day

One of the questions we hear most when a call comes in about scheduling service is, “How soon can you fit me in?” And while it’s not always possible to get a truck to a location at a moment’s notice, it’s ALWAYS our goal to do everything within our power to please our customers. Often times, with the help and flexibility of our amazing truck staff, we make jobs fit where it seemed virtually impossible. It’s not uncommon for a client to tell us we are “saving their life” by accommodating them on a quick-turnaround job, as a lot of the work we do is tied to deadlines in contracts, moves out of town, or other time-sensitive situations.

Model “Junkmen” Citizens

Recently, however, two men in one of our trucks witnessed an accident occur on a local roadway. The occupant of one of the vehicles involved appeared to be in need of assistance, and, without hesitation, they rushed to her aid and notified emergency services of the situation. Joe and Paul (the Super Hero pictured here) stayed with the motorist – along with an off-duty nurse who witnessed the incident – until a response team arrived and was able to control the scene of the accident. We are proud to be able to say that we have such high-character individuals on our team.

Whether it’s finding a way to get a short-notice pickup on the calendar, coming to the aid of strangers in need out on the roads, or just generally making our clients feel comfortable while we do our work, 123JUNK goes above and beyond the call of duty.

If Loving Junk Is Wrongjpg

What is Junk?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself this question: “What is junk?”

The point of this exercise is not to address an existential conundrum or to trick you with a riddle. The word junk can mean different things to different people, but as the foremost authority on all things junk, we are here to tell you that the possibilities for what it can be are endless!

Junk can be trash, but doesn’t have to be, and typically it isn’t anything even closely resembling it. We make a great effort to turn the items we remove from our clients’ properties into donations, so what may have been considered the “J” word to one person is actually a new and exciting possession to someone else.

Junk can be clutter, occupying valuable space in a home that could be used for much better purposes. Playing a role in the reclamation of a home’s space is a rewarding component of the work that we do. We always love to see the look of relief on a client’s face when they see the empty space that was previously overwhelmed with stuff!

So, while the broad definition of what we haul away may be useless, the fact of the matter is that it can be so much more. Perhaps most surprisingly, junk can turn into new opportunities – both for the people getting rid of it and those who end up with it.


Culture of Excellence

At 123JUNK, we spend a lot of time working hard and getting dirty. It’s the nature of our business, and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way. But just because we may get some dirt under our fingernails while we’re servicing our clients across the region, doesn’t mean we hold ourselves to a lower standard when it comes to presentation.

You will always recognize a 123JUNK crew by the fact that they all wear the unmistakable red collared shirts, black pants, and footwear that is up to the task at hand. Our trucks, the largest in the industry, are a beacon of junk-removal hope when you see our 560 cubic-foot truck beds rolling down your street and safely backing up to your property.

Speaking of our truck beds, we take such pride in how our trucks look, and how our company presents itself out in the field, that we recently took delivery of a freshly painted truck and immediately sent it back because it didn’t live up to our Culture of Excellence. If we won’t send a truck with a mediocre paint job to a client’s home, imagine how high we set the bar for the team performing the service.

As a client of 123JUNK, you will come to understand that the Culture of Excellence is a company-wide mission. We take great pride in providing an experience far superior to what any other company can offer, and we hope to exceed expectations on each and every job we perform from the first phone call, to the removal itself, all the way down to the post-appointment follow-up experience.

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