Working with a Professional Organizer

Want to clean out your garage? Have you been wondering what is in the back of your basement?

Ofcourse you know that you’ll call 123JUNK to remove it all, but that may not help you with the overwhelming process of sorting your stuff and determining what’s for keep, what’s for donation and what’s trash! With the pace of life today, people often don’t have the time to get to large projects that require such planning and project management. This is where a professional organizer can assist you.

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Freeze! – Curbing Illegal Refrigerant Venting

123Junk has a program in place which helps ensure that all of the refrigerant-filled appliances we collect go through proper recovery steps. It’s an important point to articulate in the disposal process because most of the refrigerators, air conditioners, and freezers that we collect contain harmful, ozone-depleting compounds. This is especially true of older model appliances.

While laws exist to regulate the proper recovery and disposal of refrigerants, the facilities that are available to consumers and businesses alike often fall short of the standards set by the EPA and other governing bodies. By having a refrigerant recovery program in place, we’re reassuring our clients that we will take personal responsibility to make sure that we’re disposing of their items the right way!

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