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How I Became a Junk Man (Part 1)

In The Beginning

I was a few years outside of college and I was wearing a tie every day to work. I had an excellent job in sales with one of the top moving companies in the Washington DC area. I had a company car and a relatively flexible schedule. I enjoyed who I was working with and I took pride in what I was doing. The CEO of my company was a self-made millionaire and a brilliant business man. I had almost unlimited access to him, which was uncommon for somebody in my position.

Earning an entry level salary, I lived comfortably with my three roommates in our luxury townhome in Herndon. Our rent was low and I had some spending money each week, which I successfully burned through each weekend. I had stress typical of any full time professional, but my work-personal life balance was relatively healthy.

Still, there was a void in my life… or at least in my career.

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How I Became a Junk Man (Part 2)

I still remember the savings account bank statement. It read $4,127. Although this was a lot of money to a 23 year old, I knew it wouldn’t get me very far. I wasn’t living in the 1950’s.

I told a few friends about my intentions to put in my two week notice and start hauling junk for a living. The collective feedback sounded something like, “You’re an idiot.” On a certain level, I agreed with them, but I figured I had little to lose. After all, the only person I was supporting financially was myself and I had seen the demand for these services first hand, as a moving consultant.

So I went with my gut and I purchased an old truck from my Uncle.

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