Property Managers Need 123JUNK

Property managers have the unique challenge of making sure their rental apartments, townhouses, condos and single-family homes are consistently occupied, a task exacerbated when a relocating tenant leaves a mess behind.

When they move, most tenants take their belongings with them, leaving an easier job of preparing the unit for the next tenants.

But in some cases, tenants leave behind furniture, electronics, mattresses, and large amounts of junk and trash. And it’s not the property manager’s job to remove these items themselves.

Evictions lead to further problems, with some disgruntled tenants designing to create problems for the property management team by creating a mess.

Property Managers Make One Call to 123JUNK for Rental Clean-out

That is why property management teams turn to 123JUNK for junk removal service. With one call, our professional crew will arrive with one (or more) large dump truck(s) and perform a complete clean-out of the rental property, taking great care to protect the property as we work. Most jobs can be completed within one day, leaving a clean slate to prepare for the next tenants.

Avoid Injuries by Letting 123JUNK Do the Heavy Lifting

Property managers should not be taking on this task on their own, for safety’s sake, if nothing else. Our crew is trained in the best techniques to safely lift and transport heavy objects, and in how to protect themselves and the environment from biohazards and other hazardous materials that might be on site.

123JUNK will haul away appliances, furniture, clothing, household goods, and even construction debris, dealing with everything in our eco-friendly manner of repurpose-recycle-dispose. We repurpose perfectly good items back into the community through our charitable partners, delivery recyclable items to the local recycling center, and only then deliver the remainder to the landfill. The only things we cannot transport are hazardous materials.

As long as your rental property sits vacant, you are losing money. Trust 123JUNK to help you make a quick turnaround for rental properties located in Northern Virginia, Washington, D.C., or Maryland. Call us today.


College Graduation Means Moving Out and Moving On

In May, colleges and universities, parents and students celebrate the culmination of four (or more) years of advanced education with pomp and circumstance. The students are graduated and off to start their new careers…and hopefully their new homes.

They’ll be moving out of their dorm rooms, apartments or even their parents’ homes and into places of their own. And there will be packing, and deciding just what to take to the new house and what to leave behind or dispose of. If the young person is moving across the country, he or she must decide even more carefully what to take.

When clearing out the old living spaces, who better is there to help than 123JUNK. We are not movers, but where we can help is in removing items that you no longer need or want, and certainly don’t want to pack or move.

With 123JUNK’s three-part Donate-Recycle-Dispose process, all you have to do is point us to the items, and our professional, uniformed staff will remove boxes, bags, furniture, appliances, electronics, books, and more, and load them into one of our big red dump trucks. We then sort them into items that can be repurposed and deliver them to our charitable partners (you get a receipt and record of donations for your taxes), divide out any recyclables, and deliver what’s left to local disposal facilities.

Take Back Your Child’s Room

May also harbors in a new era for parents of college graduates who can often now take back their child’s room now that they’re off on their new life, and repurpose it for other uses.

You might envision using their room as a guest room, a craft room, or an exercise area, or to offer children sharing a bedroom each a room of their own. In any case, you will want to clear out any left-behind items that are no longer useful or wanted, and let 123JUNK take them off your hands. And while you’re at it, see if there are other items around your house that you can get rid of while we’re there.

Don’t Forget 123JUNK’s Labor-Only Services

You may even want to consider using 123JUNK’s Labor-Only Services to move large items from room to room, up and down stairs, or inside to outside, like mattresses, furniture or appliances. This is especially helpful if you need to clear out the room in order to paint or lay new carpet.

We’ll do the heavy lifting for you to help you get your new room set up the way you like it. And we always take great care to protect our clients’ belongings and home, by protecting floors, walls and doorways on every job.

Contact 123JUNK

If you have a student graduating this year, we send our congratulations. And our invitation to use 123JUNK. Contact us to set your appointment.

home staging kitchen

Staging Your Home Will Help it Sell Faster

When selling a home, a Realtor will often advise a client to “stage it” and offer to bring in a professional stager to help. In a nutshell, staging means creating a neutral scenario so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there without the distraction of your personal items or too much clutter. When a home is staged properly, it generally sells faster and can even sell for a higher price.

Here are several tips to staging your home:


Clear out closets, kitchen counters and cabinets, children’s bedrooms, and all other spaces, and clear off all surfaces on countertops and furniture. You’ll be moving soon anyway, so pack these items and store them either offsite or in a garage or neutral space, donate, recyclcle or dispose of them.

Open Up Spaces

Less is more when it comes to furniture; too much furniture can make a room look smaller, and you want to show just how much space the new buyer will get with your home. Your stager may ask you remove items, and could regroup items to create a better flow and more open space.


Pack up any and all personal items that might distract a potential buyer. This includes family photographs, memorabilia, team- or religious-related items, and items with your name, such as a diploma. Think of how neutral a hotel room is and try to create a similar look.

Create Curb Appeal

If the outside of the home doesn’t look good, people aren’t going to expect much from the inside, and may in fact, pass up your home without ever entering. Powerwash the exterior, perform repairs, touch up the trim and landscaping, and place appealing plants and flowers around the entrance.


If you have lived in your house for a while you may have become impervious to conditions that may jump out at someone else, like dirty grout around the tub, dusty corners or blinds, or musty odors. A deep cleaning will make your home shine.

Make Repairs

Look around your home from a buyer’s point of view and make all necessary repairs or modifications. Even the littlest items will catch a wary buyer’s eye or an inspector’s checklist. You want to make your home as move-in ready as possible.

Hire a Professional

There is a lot to do to get ready to sell your home, and there are professionals available to help. Ask your Realtor for a recommended stager, and call 123JUNK to help remove items when you’re ready to put your home on the market. Simply pile the items you’d like us to remove, whether they are inside the home, garage, attic or basement or outside in the yard or shed. We’ll take the items away and sort them for donation, recycling and disposal, and provide you with a tax-deductible receipt for your donations.

To schedule your pickup appointment, call 123JUNK today.