123JUNK Participates in 2016 Dulles Day Plane Pull

Once again, 123JUNK is participating in the annual Dulles Days Festival & Plane Pull, held at Dulles Airport on Saturday, September 17, 2016. Come on out and watch our team try to win bragging rights for the fastest pull. We’ve never won yet, but there’s always a first time!

And don’t miss the Kid’s Pull where teams of 8 children vie to see who can pull a big red 123JUNK dump truck the fastest. That alone is worth seeing!

Help 123JUNK Raise Funds for Special Olympics Virginia

The Plane Pull isn’t just for fun, it is an essential fund-raising activity that needs your support. Created by the Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. Foundation for the Benefit of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities, the annual Plane Pull is a mega-fundraiser benefitting Special Olympics Virginia, a program that provides opportunities for people with developmental disabilities and year-round training and competitions to more than 11,000 athletes of all ages. Funds are raised in several ways including team entry fees and donations. The first Dulles Days Festival & Plane Pull was held in 1993, and since that time, Special Olympics Virginia has raised more than two million dollars. Today, Plane Pulls are held in states throughout America.

Plane Pull and 123JUNK Truck Pull

In the Plane Pull, watch as teams of 25 adults compete to see which can pull a 164,000-pound airplane for a distance of 12 feet in the fastest time. Each team must raise the entry fee of $1,500, or $60 per team member. For children, the challenge is to pull at 123JUNK dump a similiar distance.

Festival Day Activities

No matter whether you are pulling the plane or cheering on the teams, there is plenty to do at the Festival. This year features the 18th annual Dulles Day Car Show, entertainment by UDOVOODOO and the Happy Hour Boys, concessions, exhibitors, Police K-9 demonstrations, and unique military and civilian aircraft on display. Let the kids enjoy the Kids Zone with bouncing, dancing and playing along with a “Dunk a Cop” dunk tank.

Gates open at 10:30 a.m., festivities begin at 11:00, and the plane pull commences at 11:30. The event runs through 4:00 p.m. Please note that no backpacks, coolers, firearms or pets (except for service animals) are allowed. Admission is free and the event is held rain or shine. It takes place on the tarmac behind cargo buildings 5 and 6, with ample free parking on the airport grounds and shuttle buses to transport people to the festival entrance.

On behalf of 123JUNK, please support Special Olympics Virginia, and come on out to the Festival. We’ll be there.

Fall leaves

Fall is a Great Time for Real Estate

You may hear talk about the “Spring market” and how home sales peak this time of year, but Fall is another great time to buy or sell a home.

Current market conditions in Northern Virginia indicate that it is still a “sellers market”, meaning that there are not enough houses on the market for all the buyers who want to buy one. So if you’re contemplating moving, look into putting your house on the market now; it puts you in a great position to get your selling price – or even more.

Buyers benefit because they know that Fall sellers are serious about selling and may be in a position where they are more willing to negotiate on price in order to make the transition before the holiday season.

Sellers and buyers alike can also benefit because the people involved in a real estate transaction, like inspectors, lenders, movers, estate salespeople, stagers and Realtors, may not be as busy in the Fall as they are in the Spring and Summer. They have more time for you and can often respond more quickly.

123JUNK Can Help Get You Ready for a Move

At 123JUNK, we work a lot with real estate-related professions to help them prepare houses for ideal showings. Both professionals and homeowners themselves call us to remove and donate excess belongings and furniture, haul away junk, and spruce up the yard by clearing brush, downed limbs and trash. They know that the better your house shows, the higher the price you can demand and the quicker your home will sell.

Both sellers and buyers around Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington D.C. benefit from 123JUNK’s trash removal and hauling services, as both need to prepare for a move. Help your local community by donating reusable items to our charity partners. We’ll photograph your donation and provide you a donation receipt for your tax records. Call us today for a junk or donation pickup.


Pound for Pound, Nobody Donates More Than 123JUNK


When you see a big red 123JUNK truck on the road, you know that we’re on our way to help a family or business in need. But what you may not know is that we help people on either end of the transaction. We not only help those who need to clear out, we provide a valuable service to those to whom your donated items can make a difference.

Where other companies might dump everything into the landfill, 123JUNK chooses to complicate the process on our end by sorting through each and every pickup to see what can be repurposed or recycled.

We rent space near the local transfer stations, allowing us to stop there before we dump to unload items (like furniture and household items) that can be repurposed.. Then, according to a daily schedule, our charity partners come and clean us out (we also deliver if necessary).

Even our 123JUNK Team Members Benefit from Donations

To make the process of donation even more exciting for our hard-working team members, 123JUNK offers an incentive bonus based on the number of donations we receive each month. After sorting each daily haul, we take a photograph of what is donated and itemize items for our charity inventory, with each donation accumulating a point for our workers. At the end of the month, the person accumulating the most donation points receives a bonus check based on a percentage of company revenue earned that month.

We found that this incentive ensures that reusable items are not lazily tossed into the landfill, and subsequently, pound for pound, makes 123JUNK the most lucrative pickup of the week for our area charities.

If you have unwanted items, are downsizing, or just need to clean out, call 123JUNK to schedule a pickup. You will be not only helping yourself, but you will be helping families in need at the other end. We make it convenient with our professional pickup service and provide you with a donation receipt you can use for tax deductions.

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Go paperless

123JUNK Goes Paperless!

After years of hauling away tons and tons of paper, we at 123JUNK decided that we ought to look at our own use of paper in the office. And what we saw was that there was waste in our own organization. So making the decision to go paperless was an easy one.

We’re excited about this new initiative because it has so many benefits – and not only for us. Going paperless means that 123JUNK can streamline our processes and create richer programs for our clients and partners.

Going Paperless:

Improves the donation process

We have always delivered receipts to clients who donate items, but now we are able to take a picture of the donation and store that photo in the cloud. We can also generate an electronic receipt and deliver that directly to our clients’ inboxes. All of this information is kept in the same file for easy record-keeping and access.

Adds checks and balances

Internally, creating electronic files helps us to organize our flow and deliver a smoother process for our clients. Using an electronic cloud model we can also audit our processes and provide more accurate information. We can also track documents better; they are no longer likely to get lost or misfiled, and if a disaster like water or fire should occur, the files are stored offsite and can normally be recovered.

Costs less

We can take the money we save on office supplies and labor and create more benefits for our clients and partners. We can pass those savings on to our clients.

Improves security

Paper documents are easier to access, which makes them less secure than electronic files, even when there are locks on the cabinets. Password-protected systems help 123JUNK protect vital information.

Leaves a smaller footprint

Obviously, going paperless means waste, and so we leave a smaller footprint on this earth.

123JUNK is constantly looking for ways to improve our environment and this is just one little thing we can do to help.

One way you can help is to keep perfectly good or reusable items from filling our landfills. Donate them to charitable organizations who can repurpose them back into our community. Call 123JUNK and we’ll pick up your items, deliver them to our charity dropboxes in Northern Virginia, DC and Maryland, photograph your donation and return your receipt (electronically!) so you can deduct your donation on your taxes. Call us today to schedule your pickup.