Disposing of That Old Television or Computer Monitor the Responsible and Easy Way

Don’t let replacing those old bulky TVs put you in dire straits. 123JUNK has your tevevision disposal needs covered, and as usual, we are committed to our three-level priority structure of “donate, recycle, or dispose.” Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common these days for charities to be very picky about which televisions they will take as donations. That’s if they take them at all! Just a few years ago charities were all too happy to have these, but the saying now rings true about many television sets: “You can’t give them away.” You can, however, call 123JUNK. We will properly dispose of your television or similar electronic device even if we have to pay to do so.

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123JUNK House Makeover: Clean Out Your Garage

Cleaning Out and Organizing Your Garage in A Safe, Efficient, and Sustainable Manner

The garage is a welcomed addition to any house. They offer our automobiles protection from harsh weather and often provide much needed storage space for bicycles, non-perishables, and other items which don’t really belong either outside or inside the house itself.

However, all too often the garage becomes a catch-all for items we don’t really need but can’t bring ourselves to get rid of. In fact, these days relatively few garages actually house the automobiles for which they were designed, and some are even impossible or dangerous to try and walk through (sound familiar?)! Good news: One of our specialties is helping others clean out their garage.

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What differentiates 123JUNK?

Let’s face it, when it comes to junk hauling, you have options!  Below are some of the reasons our clients choose 123JUNK as their preferred junk hauling specialists:

  • Our Superior Process

123JUNK doesn’t just load our trucks with your contents and haul it to the local dump. We have a defined process for sorting your items and loading them according to their value. Our objective is to maximize what can be recycled and donated and minimize what ends up in the landfill. Our brand is built around our process. For anything that we are able to donate, we’ll send an itemized receipt to you as proof of donation.

  • We’re Locally Owned and Operated

We don’t answer to some corporate headquarters on the other side of North America – we write our own rules! This enables us to better service our clients, have a more intimate relationship with our community and be more accountable to those who refer us.

  • The Quality of our Staff

Everybody who works for us is a 123JUNK employee – No contractors or day laborers!  Each of our employees is background screened and put through multiple interviews. We make our candidates jump through a lot of hoops in order to get the position. This lets us know who’s serious about working for the company and we believe it leads to a higher caliber of employee that ultimately comes out to your property.

  • Our Large Trucks

At 21 cubic yards, our trucks are the absolute largest in the industry. This means fewer trips to your home or business and more volume per dollar on our truck beds.

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123JUNK – A flawed business

As a fast growth company, 123JUNK has a lot to celebrate! As a team, each week we share new accomplishments, new reasons to pat ourselves on the back, new things to be proud of. Perhaps most importantly, each week we create lots of new ecstatic (and junk free) 123JUNK cheerleaders! Our journey continues to be full of excitement and positivity, and we’re grateful for every last moment of it!

Of course, this is a business and not everything sounds like something that’s written in a fairy tale. We’ve made plenty of mistakes. Like that time we backed over Mrs. Kesslers azaleas; somehow the truck missed the center of the driveway by about 4 feet! We can’t forget Mrs. Reingolds wooden stairwell; I didn’t realize a bookcase could cause that much damage! Not to mention Mr. Grillo’s white carpets; two of our men tracked so much mud into his home that you would think a parade marched right through the living room! It hurts to think about the time when we removed over a dozen items we weren’t supposed to take from a client’s garage. That one wasn’t pretty! By the way, if anybody knows a fail proof way to explain that one to a client, please let me know.

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Junk Removal – Our truck is our brand

In the junk business, your trucks are your brand. Of course, there’s more to it than that, but as our primary asset and a key element to our company’s image, there are few things that have as much impact as our trucks, in terms of how the community and our clients view us.

It’s your trucks that are displayed front and center on your marketing collateral. It’s your trucks that daily commuters are forced to stare at during their painful Northern Virginia rush hour commutes. It’s your trucks that are sitting on your client’s driveway, sometimes for hours at a time, while you rid them of their household junk. Trucks are important in the junk hauling business!

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Why we don’t use median signs

False accusations

People say it all the time. “I see your company’s median signs all over the road.” That’s generally followed by a wide range of emotions in my head. At first I’m thrilled that certain competitors’ marketing activities are contributing to our own brand awareness. I feel flattered that people are associating the words “Junk Removal” with 123JUNK. My first instincts tell me I should take credit for these branding efforts with a confident and braggy comment like, “Yea, we’re all over the place.” Then, I remember our 2nd Core Value (Environmental Stewardship) and I feel inclined to defend the company and the road sign accusations that have been made against us.

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