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123JUNK Doesn’t Want Satisfied Customers

Most businesses would be thrilled to have satisfied customers, but not 123JUNK. We want LOYAL customers.

Satisfied customers are merely that…satisfied with your service. You have filled their current need and they move on. There was nothing outstanding or memorable about your service. It was like a meal at a fast-food restaurant; it served the need.

Loyal customers, on the other hand, become raving fans for your business. They had an exceptional experience and can’t wait to tell others about it. They send referrals. And they use you again – and again. It is a fine dining experience you can’t wait to repeat.

The emotional bond is what creates the difference between satisfaction and loyalty. It is a strong bond that cannot easily be changed, even if something should happen. Those who are merely satisfied are fickle and will quickly jump to another provider, even if your service was provided to perfection.

How Does 123JUNK Create Loyal Customers?

We want each and every contact to be personal, so our customer service begins with the first phone call, where a live person answers the telephone. From there, customers receive our “Ritz-Carlton Treatment”—not something usual for a junk hauling company. We strive to make each job the most important task of the day, and our customers recognize it. From our polite staff to our clean trucks, they see that we mean business.

And if something should happen to go wrong, we immediately jump in to make it right—no matter what. You won’t hear any excuses from us. Our only concern is the best experience for our customers.

We say we are in the business of hauling junk, but 123JUNK is really in the business of building relationships with the people we serve. We want to be THE company they call whenever they have a need. And we want to be THE company they refer their friends to.

Call 123JUNK today

Do you have old furniture or appliances that need to be hauled away, or yard debris that needs to be cleared before the winter’s snow, and are located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or DC? Call us today and see for yourself the 123JUNK difference. We promise you’ll become a loyal customer too.

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Partner Spotlight: Four Sales

123JUNK is pleased to work with Four Sales, Ltd. as one of our partner companies. Founded in 1972, Four Sales is the largest professional provider of estate sales in the Greater Washington D.C. area and the Mid-Atlantic region. Now in its 45th year of continuous operation, it serves about 400 clients per year, running event just about every weekend of the year.

Offering a variety of services including on-premises estate sales, individual piece consignments, and removal of contents for auction or charitable contribution, Four Sales leverages its experience to provide valuable advice to clients on how to handle an estate, downsize or relocate to another region. They understand that the liquidation of a lifetime of possessions – whether they are yours or those of a loved one – can be stressful and traumatic. All jobs are handled with compassion and respect.

Four Sales also does a tremendous amount of charity work in Northern Virginia, including charity auctions to raise funds for food pantries, homeless veterans, and Cystic Fibrosis, offering its charity services for free, and producing in excess of $1 million per year for the various charities.

Four Sales Partners with 123JUNK

123JUNK’s relationship with Four Sales goes back to the very origins of 123JUNK. “We like the fact that 123JUNK is process driven and works to a high standard of customer service,” said Daniel Sanders, owner of Four Sales. “Because they have the same approaches to client interaction as the ones we operate with, it makes it easy to build in as part of our team. We trust them on a majority of our projects to do our lower-end donations, recycling and trash removal.”

123JUNK is pleased to highlight its various partnerships. If you need to liquidate an estate in Northern Virginia, DC or Maryland, or want to auction off property, contact Four Sales today

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Twas the Morning of Junk Day

We apologize in advance for this parody, and wish everyone a very happy (and junk-free) holiday.

The Morning of Junk Day

Twas the morning of junk day, when all through our pad
Not a creature was stirring, except mom and dad.
The boxes were stuffed with the outdated toys
In hopes there’d be new ones for our girls and boys

The children were nestled all snug in their beds
While visions of dump trucks danced in their heads
And ma in her apron and I in my sweats
Had just had our coffee and settled the pets.

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
We ran to the window to see what was the matter.
We jumped up for joy and ran straight up the center
And opened the door for the junkmen to enter.

The sun on the red truck gave a luster to dawn
We couldn’t wait until our junk was all gone.
When the children awakened that morning at ten
They saw that the house was much cleaner again.

We all gathered round at the table to eat
Giving thanks to the junkmen for now it was neat.
With 123JUNK it was really not hard,
And next we’ll discover that we have a yard.

For 123JUNK can haul many things,
From sofas and clutter to old branches and swings.
Just call them today and you won’t have much sorrow,
For things you don’t want can be gone by tomorrow.


The 7 Health Benefits of Decluttering

Do you know why you feel so relaxed when you stay in a hotel room? Or why model homes are so appealing? No clutter! Then you return home and the dresser drawers won’t shut, you have to kick items out of the way to get into the children’s rooms, and you can’t find a spot on the counter to put your grocery bag. Back to reality.

We’re not saying you have to be a minimalist, however, living a clutter-free life offers a lot of benefits.

You have room to breathe

Clutter increases stress. You don’t know where to find anything, you can’t move smoothly around your space, and your eye has no restful place to fall (let alone your body). Clutter also increases opportunities for dust, allergen and mold collection since it is difficult to clean around. You literally can’t breathe healthy air.

Your living space reflects your life

Have you ever noticed that when your life is in turmoil, so is your home? Tame the chaos in your life by taking control of your environment. The simple act of clearing space creates a sanctuary where you can relax and find contentment.

You have more time

When you don’t have to clean, dust or vacuum so many objects, you have a lot more time for the fun things in life—like your family and friends. You won’t be embarrassed when friends knock on the door unexpectedly. Open the door, invite them in and feel proud of your space.

You reduce stress

When there is too much to do and no time to do it, your stress levels can rise. Conversely, when your home is neat and things are put away, you feel rested and can truly enjoy your living space.

You can lose weight

Did you know that people who own a lot of clutter can actually weigh more? Read Peter Walsh’s book, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight.

You can concentrate

When you’re not visually distracted by all the junk, you can concentrate on tasks more easily, and you can quickly find what you need.

You save money

Clutter is related to consumerism: the more you buy, the more clutter and the less money you have. Take the time to decorate your home to your liking and then stop buying. You don’t need the latest gadget or tchotchke; you’ll be tired of it before you know it. Use your money instead for experiences like the theater, dining out or spending time with the kids.

Clearing clutter is a process, and it can be quite emotional, especially if the clutter is extreme. Yet if you push through the anxiety, you will open up a world of benefits and good feelings.

123JUNK Hauls Clutter

When you need help decluttering, call in an organizing professional. Then if you’re in VA, MD or DC, call 123JUNK. We’re experts in hauling away what you no longer want or need. We’ll help you clear out that attic, garage or closet, or remove old furniture, appliances and playsets. Just point us in the right direction and we’ll take care of the rest.

Need junk hauled? Call 123JUNK.