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Parking Permit Requirements for Junk Hauling in Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. has strict regulations and parking permit requirements when it comes to loading commercial vehicles for junk hauling in the District. This makes it a little more difficult, but not impossible, to work with our clients there.

For loading and hauling jobs, special permits can be obtained including: Overweight/Oversize, Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone, Single Haul and Annual Tag.

A commercial vehicle loading zone permit allows trucks to use curbside loading zone spaces for up to 2 hours (during specific hours for each zone) with the rights to make trips in, out, or in and out of the District. A single haul permit is good for one trip and one day. Those are the ones most used by 123JUNK.

For someone who is moving, the District offers an online permit system called TOPS that enables tenants to reserve an “emergency parking permit” that reserves a particular parking space (preferably in front of their home). Application and payment for this permit must be made by the homeowner or tenant; it cannot be made by the hauling company like 123JUNK. In addition, homeowners can visit their local Metropolitan Police Department district station to print out a parking permit at one of the DDOT kiosks.

Reserving a parking space can be key when coordinating a move, as finding a legal space to park near the home can be next to impossible at times. Putting out cones or chairs to “save a space” is not allowed in the city. That spot can be taken by anyone, so getting a permit is advisable.

Because the streets are narrow and parking spaces are few, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) restricts commercial truck parking to loading and unloading activities only.

Commercial vehicles can be ticketed for:

  • Double parking
  • Parking at meters
  • Stopping, loading or parking on streets with rush hour prohibitions
  • Parking in any area posted “No Parking” or “No Standing”
  • Parking in a commercial vehicle zone for longer than the posted time limit
  • Parking in a residential neighborhood.

The DDOT also designates a “Through Truck and Bus Route Network” that guides commercial vehicle operators through the District. This helps them avoid the streets where trucks are prohibited from travel due to resident and infrastructure concerns.

How 123JUNK Navigates Washington, D.C. Parking Permits

When 123JUNK is called upon to work with clients in Washington, D.C., we must obtain our correct permit for that particular day and job. The permit must remain with our truck at all times when it is within the District, and is only valid for the load and vehicle identified on it.

However, even with a permit there are restrictions that can render it invalid, such as when adverse weather or road conditions impair a truck’s safe movement. We’ll let you know if conditions prevent us from attending to the job you’ve scheduled and we’ll gladly reschedule for you.

With narrow streets and no driveways, our clients in DC most likely don’t have space for a roll-off dumpster, so they rely on the convenient in-and-out service 123JUNK can provide. We help you navigate the permits and any HOA or municipal regulations that might be necessary to complete the job quickly and legally.

Schedule Your DC Junk Hauling with 123JUNK

If you have questions or simply wish to schedule a junk pickup, please contact 123JUNK at 1-800-364-5778 where you’ll reach someone in person. 

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123JUNK is Celebrating 10 Years!

Celebrate with us in 2018 as 123JUNK turns 10!

Yes, we’ve been hauling junk for ten years now, and yet we’re still excited about the business, and we’re still growing! We thank you for being part of our success and hope that you will continue to support 123JUNK in the years to come.

123JUNK’s First Ten Years


At 23 years old and just out of college, our founder Collin Wheeler spotted an opportunity. He was working for a DC-based moving company and as he tried to book sales, he noticed that people didn’t want to pay to move items they no longer wanted.

These people had tried to give their items away by taking them to charities, but found that many of their items were turned away by those same charities—they were selective in what they would accept. So now what would they do with them?  Sadly, much of these perfectly-usable-but-rejected items ended up in the trash bin or the landfill.

There had to be a better solution that was environmentally responsible.

Collin gathered up his life savings (which wasn’t much) and purchased an old dump truck. He asked some of his college buddies, family and friends if they wanted to help out, and he started booking hauling jobs. 123JUNK was in business.

The leader in environmentally-responsible junk disposal, 123JUNK focused on its Donate—Recycle—Dispose philosophy that greatly reduces the impact on our environment while at the same time supporting our hand-picked charity partners who in turn assist those in the communities we serve.

The company grew quickly as word spread about our polite and professional service, and we progressively added one to two vehicles per year, offices and employees. The old truck gave way to a shiny red fleet, and the territory expanded to now cover Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C.

The Next Ten Years


Our growth was not by accident. At 123JUNK, we carefully structured our business model from the beginning to reflect the core values that give us the “why” we do what we do. We’re different on purpose. And each and every one of our employees embodies the spirit, corporate culture and exceptional customer service we’ve become known for.

In our weekly meetings, we share the stories and testimonials we encounter daily as we go about our work. And when we reflect on all the lives we’ve touched in so many ways, it inspires each of us at 123JUNK to work even harder. We look forward to making new partnerships, building new relationships, and helping even more families in our next ten years…with your help, for we can’t do it alone.

Your choice of 123JUNK for your home and office junk hauling needs enables us to carry out our mission of supporting our local community through donations and protecting our land from unnecessary dumping. When you need to clean out a home, office, garage, attic or storage space, have perfectly good items you’d like to donate, or simply need help removing or moving a large appliance, mattress or piece of furniture or lawn equipment, choose 123JUNK.  

Mourning widow

Estate Cleanouts with 123JUNK

When a loved one passes, it falls upon the family or executors to perform a professional estate cleanout or estate liquidation. It is a difficult task in the best of times, compounded by the grief and flow of memories that come from sorting through a family member’s personal belongings.

Many items will be disbursed to family members. However, there will be many more items that nobody in the family either wants or needs. That’s where 123JUNK can help.

You will want to pull out any item that has substantial sentimental value, and those with tangible value like money, art collections, or jewelry and either keep, pass down or sell those pieces.

For all the rest, call 123JUNK.  You won’t have to worry about sorting items because that is what we do as part of the Donate—Recycle—Dispose process that is the heart of our business. Simply direct us to the items you want removed. We can clear an individual room, garage or attic, or empty an entire home in an estate cleanout. Not job is too large or too small.

If there are items you want to consider donating to a local charity, like clothing, furniture, antiques, and household goods, we can take them for you and provide you with photographs and a receipt of your donation for tax purposes. For junk and debris, we’ll sort through it to see if there is anything else that can be used by one of our local charitable partners, and dispose of the rest.

Our professional staff is respectful, both to your situation and to the property. We take care to pad corners and floors to protect your home and your belongings as we work.

We understand the nuances of working with clients who are grieving, and are respectful of both your possessions and in all our interactions with you. These can be some of the most difficult conversations we have with clients, who always appreciate the extra time he takes to actually listen. You can expect that type of personal communication with everyone you come into contact with at 123JUNK.

Just to note, an estate cleanout is different from an estate sale or an estate liquidation. In an estate cleanout, items are removed from the home and taken elsewhere for disposal or donation. In an estate sale, items within the home are put up for sale and potential purchasers come to the home on advertised sale days. An estate liquidation disposes of one’s real and personal property and can legally include stocks, bonds, real estate and collections like fine art or jewelry. These most often involve the estate attorney or a CPA.

For Estate Cleanouts, Contact 123JUNK

123JUNK can work with family members or the executor, estate attorney or Realtor to ensure that your estate cleanout goes smoothly. Please contact us today to obtain a free estimate or schedule your pickup appointment. We serve families in in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C.

123 Junk Winter home

How to Sell Your Home in Winter


Even though the spring and summer markets are the hottest times for selling a home, don’t overlook the winter months when people still need to move. There are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait to put your home on the market, and many tips on how to sell your home even when the weather is cold.

Why You Should Sell in the Winter

We are currently in a seller’s market, meaning there is less inventory on the market than there is demand for homes. People want to buy a home, even now. If you put your home on the market in the winter months, you will stand out with less competition. In addition, buyers will be able to acquire loans more quickly, as there is less competition for loan officers’ time there as well. And Realtors have more time to spend with clients showing them homes. Since inventory is limited, you can often get a higher price for your home, and sell in fewer days on the market.

How to Sell a Home in Winter

Staging a home for a winter sale is just as important as any time of year, and there are tips for making your home more appealing this time of year.

Brighten Up

Since winter has short days with less light, it is important to make your home seem bright and cheery. Turn on all interior lights when showing, and brighten up the interior with white paint and accessories. A consistent light color throughout the home will give a spacious feel. Add twinkling white lights to the trees and landscaping outside of the home in the front and back yards, or use a spotlight on the house to illuminate an inviting entrance.

Light the Fire

When you know prospects will be visiting the home, light the gas fireplace to give a warm and inviting atmosphere. In lieu of a fire, stack wood in or near the fireplace or light candles in the fireplace to give the feeling of a fire.

Set for Cozy

Create tableaus in your home of coziness by displaying afghans across a chair or bed or by laying out a board game or buffet setting on the table. Remove and pack up holiday items to create a neutral atmosphere—you want the potential buyers to be able to envision their own decorations in the house. Don’t’ forget the exterior décor. Set a cozy firepit surrounded by chairs and warm throws to show out outdoor entertaining spaces can be appealing.

Clear the Path

Be sure to clear all pathways, parking areas and entrances (front and back) of snow, ice and icicles. You want the potential buyer to be able to safety maneuver all around the home.

Inside the home, clear away all extraneous items including personal items, clutter, extra furniture and household items, etc. to give the feeling of a spacious and airy home. Make it easy for the potential buyers to walk through, look into closets and cabinets, and envision that they will have lots of room for their belongings once they move in.

Store items you want to keep neatly packed in the attic or basement, or better yet, offsite. You don’t want to clutter up your storage spaces with too many boxes either.

Donate and Dispose of Extra Items with 123JUNK

Another great way to winnow down your belongings is to donate items you no long need, use or want. All you need to do is make a pile of these items and call 123JUNK and we’ll take care of the donation for you. We’ll pick up whatever you want to donate and deliver it to our pickup points for our various charitable partners. We’ll document your donation and give you a receipt for your year-end taxes. You can read more about our charity partners’ missions throughout our blog.

Include in your donation pile any items you just wish to get rid of, including items that don’t work, broken things, and trash. We’ll take everything you point us to; you don’t have to separate items yourself. Our professional staff at 123JUNK is trained to sort through every pickup to divide out items we think can be repurposed or recycled, and only then deliver non-salvageable items to the local landfill.


If you’re thinking about selling your home in winter, we’re here to help. If you’re located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C., contact 123JUNK for easy, professional junk removal.


By the way, we know quite a few Realtors if you need a referral!