Press Release: Junk Removal Company Donates What Others Dump

Chantilly, VA – What is the first thing you think when you read or hear the words “junk removal?”  If it’s a scrap yard or Fred Sanford, think again.

123Junk is a full-service junk removal company based in Chantilly, VA.  It is a local company with firm roots in northern Virginia; in fact, its founder attended Chantilly High School. They go into homes, offices, apartments, garages, attics—you name it. They remove unwanted items and haul them away for a flat fee, which is based on the amount of space the items occupy in their trucks.

But where does it go from there?

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We Reward Employee Referrals!

It’s hard to find good help these days, isn’t it? Whether you work in an office or out in the field, finding motivated, dependable employees can be a challenging task (even for the most popular and successful companies).

Up until now, 123JUNK has been built almost entirely on referral business. We spend a great deal of time building relationships, tracking referrals, and nurturing our business relationships, because we know that our success depends on it.

In that spirit, 123JUNK has instituted an Employee Referral Reward Program. We prefer to hire candidates who come recommended, and if you know someone who would be a good fit for the company, we want to reward you for your efforts in guiding them to us.

The process is simple — if you know someone who would be a great fit, simply give them our information and have them contact us. If the person you referred is hired and retained for 30 days, you receive a reward of $100.

Know someone with a strong back and a great smile? Introduce them to us — it could be the easiest $100 you ever made!


Gold Services Package

A lot of times, people ask me about the scope of services we provide. More often than not, I’ll tell them that the crews at 123JUNK are the “muscle” you need when something is too big or bulky to move yourself. That’s not the whole story, though. It doesn’t give enough credit to the individuals on the trucks—the backbone of 123JUNK.

At our core, we’re still a service-oriented business. We can confidently say that you won’t find any company in our line of work with friendlier or more capable people, from the guys on the trucks doing the heavy lifting to our people in the office putting together the schedules and directing the crews. To work at 123JUNK, you have to be bright, motivated, and personable. Everyone in the organization shares those attributes.

One way we put the knowledge and capability of our people to work is through our Gold Services Package.

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Why Our Storage Unit Means Responsible Disposal

A few years ago, we leveraged our partnership with Habitat ReStore of Northern Virginia to secure rental space at the Fairfax County I-66 Transfer Station, otherwise known as “The Dump.” We then purchased a 40 foot weather tight internationally shipping container and had it delivered to the Fairfax Dump. After purchase, tax, delivery and rental, this proved to be a fairly expensive business decision. However, it was a game changer for our brand.

 With our new storage unit, we are able to salvage far more than we were ever able to in the past and more effectively carry out our brand promise. Before we had this arrangement, we would go to a client’s home or business, load the trucks and then proceed to drive from charity to charity and recycling facility to recycling facility, until we got rid of all the items that we knew shouldn’t be dumped. This would take hours and lots of fuel. Being green was costly!

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123JUNK Scorecard

Nearly a year ago, right before we decided to do a major overhaul on our brand, I asked my employees to grade the company in several areas. These areas included our customer service, our systems and processes, our company culture, our ability to communicate to each other and the general level of happiness each of us had within the company. We all sat down and discussed it in thorough detail. Everybody’s voice was heard and nobody was shy about their feelings. It proved to be one of the most impactful things we’ve ever done as a team because it really helped us identify the things that were preventing us from getting to the “next level.” We lay everything out on the table and each of us made a commitment that we would do our part to ensure that the company would reach its goals.

This week, as I was cleaning out some files on my laptop, I came across the meeting recap, which I blasted out to my team shortly after the meeting was over. I figured I’d share it (the good half, anyways) to the viewers of this blog, because it gives some insight on what we consider to be important characteristics of 123JUNK. As far as the less positive portion of the scorecard… well, I think we’ll just keep that part our little secret.

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