My farewell to 123JUNK

Today I hung up my junk shirt for the last time. I began working at 123JUNK two years ago, fresth out of college, working on the trucks as a foreman. To be completely honest, when I started I thought it was going to be a summer job to make a few extra bucks while I figured out what I wanted to do for a “career.” Little did I know, I would learn more as a “Junk Man” than I ever could in a classroom. Continue reading


Our Best Clients

While some companies choose to define their best clients according to their needs, income levels, or other variables that impact how much the business can charge for its services, 123JUNK chooses a different tact.

Simply put, our best clients know what they want. Our ideal client is expressive and passionate, and understands that no impactful company is in business just to provide a product or service. Clients who are the most communicative through our process invariably receive the best service. They clearly demonstrate what they want from our crews, and they appreciate the extra steps we take to follow up on our appointments.

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Our Definition of Customer vs Client

You might notice that we try to avoid the word “customer” when we describe the folks who choose to work with us. We call you our client. It’s just a word, but there is a difference between being our client vs. being someone else’s customer. Grocery stores have customers. 123JUNK services clients. So what’s the big difference?

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