The advantages of 123JUNK over a roll off dumpster

Does it make sense to rent a dumpster for the project you are currently planning?  In some instances, a dumpster does make more sense, but since we’re in the junk hauling business and we think we’re awesome, let us express the benefits of a junk removal service verses a roll-off dumpster.

Space and Appearance

Dumpsters are for long-term projects.  They are more appropriate for major construction projects lasting weeks on end rather than a typical residential cleanup project which professionals can complete over the span of a single day or weekend.  Many home owners’ associations will not allow dumpsters to be used in the neighborhood without special notice, permission, and possibly additional fees.  Some won’t allow them at all.

The trucks we use as an alternative to dumpsters are some of the largest in the industry, with beds around the size of a middle-tier dumpster.  They look better in general and avoid the red-tape possibly necessary due to your homeowners’ association or city zoning regulations.

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Appliance Removal

Relaxing and Responsible Refrigerator Removal

What do you do with that refrigerator you no longer want or need on moving day? The default action for most people is to leave the fridge for the next person moving in, but sometimes that is not an option and it must be disposed of some other way. (Note that this article speaks about getting rid of a fridge or freezer for any purpose, whether you are moving or not. Either way, we are ready to assist!)

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Big to Small: Tips to Balm the Painful Process of Downsizing

123JUNK sees many people downsizing their homes due to short sales, foreclosures, mortgage issues, or just wanting a smaller place to live. Other clients may be moving into a retirement community due to a death in the family or the desire to have less home and yard care or a more simple lifestyle. Whatever the reason, often a new home or apartment involves less storage and living space than the previous residence. This creates tough decisions of keeping or disposing of certain items. While we do not take it upon ourselves to directly consult clients on what to get rid of, the following may help give you some ideas about how to go about clearing out your possessions so that you can have room to actually navigate, live, and enjoy your new, smaller place of residence.

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What to do with that old Couch?

Okay, so you’ve gotten those precious hours of relaxation out of your old couch, for better or worse, and are ready to get rid of or replace it. 123JUNK helps clients find the best method of disposal to suit the specific couch or similar furniture based on the priority theme: Donate, Recycle, Dispose.

If possible, we always strive to donate couches which can be reused. We can evaluate whether or not your couch can be donated to a charity or non-profit company to benefit the less fortunate, protect the environment, and even possibly get you a tax write-off. However, there are requirements for donations, such as having no major stains, pet hair/dander, animal scratches, etc. We are equipped to educate and advise clients about what charities will take. If it qualifies, we will also carefully load the old couch so that no further damage comes to it, ensuring that cushions, pillows, and any other accessories remain together and in optimal shape.

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123JUNK – 5 years in business!

According to the SBA, over 50% of small businesses fail in the first five years. That stat seems surprising, but as a company that just celebrated its 5th year in business, we feel like we have something to celebrate! The look and feel of this company has changed, as well as that of the junk removal industry, but not for the worse! We’ve tried to stay ahead of the curve and we haven’t forgotten to make our work fun.

We’re grateful to our industry partners in real estate, moving and retirement communities and for all those clients who have used us and referred us to their family, friends and neighbors! We’re excited to make 2013 the best year yet, because we know we’re that much closer to being the most recognized DC based, independent junk removal service!


Angies List Super Service Award!

In mid-2012, 123JUNK made a commitment to use Angies List as means of advertising under the category of “Hauling.” By the close of 2012, we recieved 39 reviews. Every single one of them came from a client who gave us an “A” rating. Thank you to those clients who took the time write a positive review about your experience with us. We are very proud to earn this award! 

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Empty Nest Without the Mess: Reestablishing A Feasible Living Area After Your Child Moves Out

So, your young (or in some cases not-so-young) one is moving out to let you begin enjoying your golden years. But are they really so “golden” with all this junk left lying around cluttering up your living area? It only makes sense that parents get rid of some or most of their son or daughter’s possessions when they are going away for school or just moving out to start living on their own or with a spouse. Yet since youths usually begin their adult lives with menial income, many leave an inordinate amount of possessions at the home of the parent. 123JUNK can help clean up the “empty nest” once your offspring have left so you can soar free without fluttering around in clutter.

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