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Jan 21, 2014

Our Definition of Customer vs Client

You might notice that we try to avoid the word “customer” when we describe the folks who choose to work with us. We call you our client. It’s just a word, but there is a difference between being our client vs. being someone else’s customer. Grocery stores have customers. 123JUNK services clients. So what’s the big difference?

 As a customer, you pick out what you want, pay the marked price, and your business is done. If you’re a repeat customer, you might have a “membership” or “club” card, and you can take advantage of deals when it’s convenient for the company. You might pay a monthly premium so that you have access to better service or pricing.

Clients, on the other hand, enjoy a more tailored experience with the companies they hire. They benefit from an honest and balanced assessment of their needs and desires, and they maintain a level of trust that has been created by their servicer following through on its promises and completing the job the right way. Clients can provide constructive feedback, and as a result they receive a better level of service because their servicer understands their needs more intimately each time they work together.

Wouldn’t you rather be a client than a customer?

To maintain quality, we define our services narrowly and choose to excel within the scope of services we provide. Balancing our desire to be specific with what we do while also providing comprehensive solutions for our clients means that we have to draw from a lot of resources. Because every experience is a little bit different, we have to modify our approach for each client and determine what set of solutions will achieve the best result.

That means that we’re not always the single best solution for you. You might need a referral to one of our charity partners, or another one of our reputable business partners. When it comes to our reputation and your projects, we try to get you the results you really need—not just the results we can sell you. How many junk removal companies refer to the people who pay them as clients? I would imagine, not very many.


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