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Jan 31, 2012

Disposal is in the Details

Maybe you’ve just sold your home and you have lots of unanticipated items that need to be purged, or perhaps you’re in the midst of a remodel that is producing a lot of construction debris. Long story short, you have a lot of extra stuff and you need to find a solution for it.

Traditionally you have a few options. Choosing the right one is going to depend largely on two factors: accessibility and volume. Depending upon where the stuff is located and how much there is, some options will naturally make more sense than others.


Let’s assume that there is a lot of stuff that has to go. That usually eliminates what is traditionally your first option—bagging it up and setting it out with the weekly trash pick-up. Some companies, though, can still pick up your stuff, even if there’s more volume than your standard pickup. Check with your contracted waste disposal company to see if they offer special bulk pickups, (often times for a fee) and be sure to find out what materials they will and will not accept.

In some cases, this is the least expensive solution for getting rid of certain items. However, be aware that you will be required to do all the heavy lifting and that you are limited only to the days in which your weekly trash service offers pick up.


The next option is a roll-off dumpster. Having a large container on site allows you to dispose of lots of stuff all at once, and it is usually set down in a convenient spot (your driveway). Dumpster companies almost invariably charge by weight and the amount of time the container is left on site. In some cases, this is the best alternative for long term projects. An example of this would be an individual adding an addition to their home, or finishing a basement.

If you opt to use a roll-off container for your large-scale disposal needs, be sure that you fully understand the rates and how you can affect them. Without a clear understanding of how a company bills, clients can easily find themselves stuck with additional charges for weight, transportation, additional rent to keep the dumpster on site, and charges for special disposal of certain items. Some communities require permits in order to place the dumpster on site. In fact, some cities forbid them altogether.

Lastly, a dumpster is inherently not community- or environmentally-friendly. Aside from the aesthetic drawbacks (dumpsters are often unsightly and smelly), roll-off containers can cause damage to driveways and may not be allowed by your Home Owners’ Association. Dumpster companies don’t segregate salable or donatable items, either, so good items are often dumped unnecessarily.


Your third option is to hire a Full-Service Removal Company to pick up your unwanted valuables. There are a handful of situations that make the choice to hire a full-service hauler a good one:

1. Limited Access. If you have several bulky items in hard-to-navigate areas (attics, basements, stairwells), you may need a full-service company jloading-junk-truckust to get the items out!

2. Uncommon Volume. If you only have a few large items, or a few small piles of debris, dumpsters just aren’t a reasonable solution. Alternatively, when you use a company like 123Junk, you pay only for the space that your stuff occupies in the truck beds.

3. Responsibility Concerns. Some people just can’t stand to see a perfectly usable item go to waste. Using a full-service hauling company significantly increases the odds that your stuff will find a new home or purpose, whether it’s through donation, focused recycling efforts, or through third-party resale.

4. A Matter of Convenience. Even if you could carry it all across the yard and put it into a dumpster, or even your own pick-up truck, do you have the time and motivation to do it? Many of our clients feel that their time is extremely valuable, and could be better spent with family or at work.

5. A Need for Value. Full-service rates are often higher than rates for a roll-off container. But when you factor in the amount of labor that goes into filling up a 20-yard, 30-yard, or even a 40-yard dumpster, the difference in rates is usually too hard to ignore.

Each situation is unique, and 123Junk may not always be the right solution for you, but we strongly encourage you to explore your options. If you have any disposal-related questions, don’t hesitate to Contact 123Junk to get a better idea of the disposal solution that works best for you.

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