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Jan 07, 2019

7 New Year’s Resolutions for An Organized Life

Every January, many of us make New Year’s Resolutions. We may want to lose weight or go to the gym more. Or we may pledge to be more organized in the New Year. Here are some New Year’s Resolutions to organize your life.

New Year’s Resolutions for an Organized Life

#1. Create Homes

Each object you own should have a “home.” If it doesn’t already, create homes for everything. Hang a hook near the front door for your keys and purchase a toy box where all the playthings can be stored. Be sure to return each item to its home after use. In the office, create files instead of piles.

#2. Touch it Once

One of the best ways to remain clutter-free is to place an item where it is supposed to go after you pick it up. Do not lay it down and think you’ll get to it later. Immediately return it to its home or take it to the next action in the chain. Hang the clothes in the closet after you take them off, put the newspaper into the recycling bin after you’ve read it, or sort the mail into a “bills to pay” basket or “trash” bin as it comes into the door.

#3. Organize By Kind

Sort items into categories and create storage areas for like items. Hang hooks in the garage for sports equipment, purchase bins to gather baking tools together, or install shelving for arts and crafts. Hang clothing by season and style: put short-sleeved items together and long-sleeved items together, for example, so you can easily grab the style you need without having to search the entire closet.

#4. Purge Regularly

Make a New Year’s Resolution to plan a purge at least twice a year to get rid of items you don’t like or don’t use. Change out your clothes by season and use that time to cull out items you no longer wear. Go through the kitchen drawers and donate gadgets you never use. Going through items on a regular basis will allow you to deep clean the area and re-organize things that have gotten out of order.

#5. Develop Good Habits

Organizing your home once will not ensure that it functions as you would like it to. Create good habits of putting items away into their dedicated spaces after you use them, and if you bring a new item into the house, see if you can get rid of one in return.

#6. Enlist Help

Why not get the entire family on board with your New Year’s Resolutions for an organized life. Clearly label areas where items should go and hold each member accountable for putting items away where they belong. Assign areas of responsibility, like their own rooms or play areas.

#7 Call 123JUNK

When you’ve accumulated a pile of items you would like to get rid of, contact 123JUNK. We can schedule one pickup to take it all away—you don’t need to sort items yourself. We’ll do that for you. After we’ve picked up each load from our clients, we sort through it to find items we can deliver to one of our charity partners. They can place these items into their retail stores to raise money for their missions or, in return, donate them to families who need assistance. We’ll send you a receipt for your donation that you can use against your yearly tax burden.

123JUNK also sorts out anything that can be recycled, like old electronics and deliver these items to the local recycling center. It is our initiative to “go green” as much as possible. It’s our little bit we can do to help our local communities and the environment as a whole.

You don’t have to worry about donating, recycling or taking loads of items to the dump. With one phone call to 123JUNK, it can all be done quickly and easily. If you’re located in Northern Virginia, Maryland or Washington, D.C. and want to keep your New Year’s Resolutions for an organized life, call 123JUNK to schedule your junk hauling.

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