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Jan 03, 2012

The 123JUNK Marketing Philosophy

Have you ever had such a great service experience that you found yourself telling people about it without even realizing it? Maybe a restaurant owner came out to ask you how your meal tasted, or a mechanic suggested a more cost effective way to fix a problem with your car… and you couldn’t wait to spread the word.

People trust what their friends have to say far more than some advertisement that they came across in their daily travels. At 123JUNK, we’re firm believers that the most effective way to grow a business is through good old fashion word of mouth marketing.

Occasionally, we get a comment like “we see your 123JUNK median signs all over the place,” to which we quickly reply, “I’m sorry, but you must be thinking of another Junk Removal Company.” You see, we’re not opposed to advertising (and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t do our fair share of it), but we believe that investing our resources in the client experience goes much further than some median sign or billboard on the interstate.

Setting the bar for the client experience

You hear it all the time—“what makes us different is our level of customer service.” It’s as if companies feel like they should get an award for serving their customers! What’s sad is that, in this day of automated messages, getting through to a real person is now considered good customer service. Well, call us old school, but we feel that this is unacceptable.

We’re tired of experiencing piss-poor service everywhere we go. We know our clients feel the same way. That’s why our mission is to set the bar for the client experience. We want to provide such a fantastic experience for our clients that all they can do is scratch their heads and wonder, “How was 123JUNK so much different than every other company we’ve dealt with?”

Creating 123JUNK Cheerleaders

Instead of investing our energy into creating new pipelines of business through traditional advertising, why not let our clients do our marketing for us! We go out of our way for our clients, and they become out marketing department. We want our clients so thrilled with the experience they’ve had with us, that they tell all of their friends, family and associates. We want to create 123JUNK cheerleaders. We want to make our clients genuinely interested in our growth and happy for our success.

In the end, we’ll have a marketing department that numbers in the thousands, consisting of like-minded former and current clients who share our values and appreciate our commitment to continually improving the client experience.

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