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May 18, 2020

Appliance Removal Made Easy

When it comes time to replacing appliances, like your refrigerator, washer, dryer, dishwasher, oven or any other appliance, there is always the problem of what to do with the old one.

If you’re replacing your appliance because you are upgrading, and the old one still works perfectly, you can either:

  • Sell it. Since you probably installed the new appliance before disposing of the old one, now you’re stuck with storing the appliance somewhere on your property. You can’t store it outside because anyone wishing to purchase it will want it to be in the most pristine condition possible. You’ll also have to clean it thoroughly and advertise it for sale. Who knows if it will even sell. If you’re moving, you have the option of selling the appliances with the house.
  • Donate it. Some charities will pick up appliances for donation, but many will not. So you are tasked with figuring out how to get that appliance to their donation center. If you own a truck and have burly guy friends, great. If you don’t, the task is more burdensome.

If it does not work, you need to find a way to dispose of it. Legally.

What you cannot do with an old appliance is:

  • Place it at the curb. No trash collection will take this item away for you.
  • Dump it illegally. No tossing the old appliance over a cliff. Bad.

You do have a third option:

  • Call 123JUNK. We specialize in helping home and business owners dispose of those items they no longer need or want. Especially those big items like appliances, air conditioners and water heaters. Our professional crews will arrive, prepare the pathway by padding the corners and covering the floors to prevent damage, and remove the item for you. We will then deliver it to the appropriate location: the donation center in your area, the recycling center, or the landfill.

We will also take care of any environmental and regulatory requirements for disposing of old appliances on your behalf. For example, a refrigerator contains freon and cannot be simply dropped off at the dump.

How to Prepare for an Appliance Pickup

At 123JUNK, we ask you to do just a little preparation for our scheduled pickup.

  • Unplug the appliance. For refrigerators and freezers, allow time for thawing.
  • Empty the appliance.
  • Wipe it clean if donating the item.
  • Clear a path to the doorway.

Call 123JUNK

123JUNK works with a number of charity partners, located in neighborhoods throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. They would love to have your old appliance to help others who perhaps might need one. You’ll be doing yourself a service and well as helping your local community by donating your old appliances. We’ll provide you with documentation and a receipt for your tax deduction.

When it’s time to upgrade, or your old appliance has just given up the ghost, call 123JUNK. We’ll send our burly men over to your place and do the heavy lifting for you. Contact us today.

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