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Apr 16, 2018

Meet Brian and Timmy Anderson of 123JUNK

It’s time to introduce you again to some of the awesome people we have working here at 123JUNK. This time we’re showcasing a pair of brothers who work here: Timmy Anderson and Brian Anderson.

Meet Brian and Timmy Anderson, 123JUNK Inside Sales Representatives

The first to join the 123JUNK team was Brian Anderson (on right) in May 2016. He had been working elsewhere and was seeking a new challenge. “I didn’t foresee working at 123JUNK as a career at the time. I was looking to make a little money and save up for school. I started on the trucks, as everyone does, and within six months I took an office position,” he explained.

Serving now in the position of Inside Sales and Client Account Representative, Brian talks about his favorite part of working here. “It doesn’t feel like a regular company; it feels more like a brotherhood. We are all friends and we all get along well. And some days it doesn’t even feel like I’m even going to work.”

Next to come on board was Timmy Anderson (on left) in March 2017. “I also started on the truck doing jobs in the field, then began doing part-time Inside Sales at the end of the summer, with half my time on the truck. Now I’m full time in the office as an Inside Sales Representative,” he said.

His favorite part of working here is the people, he says. “It is a good group to work with and the company itself has a great attitude. We get a lot of work done, but we have fun too.” Having worked previously doing odd jobs like tree work, patios and personal training, he had been seeking a full time job when brother Brian suggested he apply here.

What’s it like working with your brother?

“We did a lot of stuff together growing up, so it feels like when we were kids, but now we’re doing work instead of playing,” Timmy said.

“We have similar tracks with the company thus far, transitioning from the trucks into the office,” Timmy added. “The owner, Collin, saw something in us and thought we could contribute more to the company. It’s cool to have the owner have that kind of trust in us.”

Were there any issues about being brothers?

“When Timmy first started, I think people may have been a little less open with him about issues, thinking that he’d tell his brother and everyone would know,” Brian said. “But we’re all kind of like brothers here anyway.”

“Being Brian’s brother, when I came on I felt like people thought ‘Let’s see what he’s got,’” Timmy said. “But being on the truck is the ultimate equalizer.”

Brian was brought into the company by friends who worked there, and he has brought in not only his brother, but other friends as well. “You wouldn’t want to recruit your friends or sibling into a company to be miserable, but here it’s such a great place to work that you’re excited to tell others about it.” Even so, it’s not easy to get a job at 123JUNK. All potential employees are interviewed by the owner and a manager, followed by a set of “working interviews” on the truck. All prospective employees need to be green-lit by everybody they work with. “We want to make sure we find people who truly want to do this work and who fit in with our company culture of providing exceptional service.”

Personal Lives

Outside of work, Brian enjoys working out, watching TV, reading or listening to podcasts, and hanging out with friends. Timmy goes straight from work to the gym to work out and enjoys playing rugby several nights a week. The two currently live together in Manassas, and grew up in Burke. They come from a family of 8 siblings!

Brian and Timmy aren’t the first or the only pair of brothers to work at 123JUNK. The owner, Collin Wheeler, welcomed his own brother Kevin Wheeler into the business, and there have at  least a half dozen pairs of brothers throughout the years.

Want to Contact 123JUNK?

If you’re interested in a career at 123JUNK, please check out our Employment Opportunities. And if you need junk hauled from your home or office in Northern VA, MD or DC, please give Timmy or Brian a call. Now that you know them, it will be like calling a friend!

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