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Jan 24, 2018

Parking Permit Requirements for Junk Hauling in Washington, D.C.


Washington, D.C. has strict regulations and parking permit requirements when it comes to loading commercial vehicles for junk hauling in the District. This makes it a little more difficult, but not impossible, to work with our clients there.

For loading and hauling jobs, special permits can be obtained including: Overweight/Oversize, Commercial Vehicle Loading Zone, Single Haul and Annual Tag.

A commercial vehicle loading zone permit allows trucks to use curbside loading zone spaces for up to 2 hours (during specific hours for each zone) with the rights to make trips in, out, or in and out of the District. A single haul permit is good for one trip and one day. Those are the ones most used by 123JUNK.

For someone who is moving, the District offers an online permit system called TOPS that enables tenants to reserve an “emergency parking permit” that reserves a particular parking space (preferably in front of their home). Application and payment for this permit must be made by the homeowner or tenant; it cannot be made by the hauling company like 123JUNK. In addition, homeowners can visit their local Metropolitan Police Department district station to print out a parking permit at one of the DDOT kiosks.

Reserving a parking space can be key when coordinating a move, as finding a legal space to park near the home can be next to impossible at times. Putting out cones or chairs to “save a space” is not allowed in the city. That spot can be taken by anyone, so getting a permit is advisable.

Because the streets are narrow and parking spaces are few, the District Department of Transportation (DDOT) restricts commercial truck parking to loading and unloading activities only.

Commercial vehicles can be ticketed for:

  • Double parking
  • Parking at meters
  • Stopping, loading or parking on streets with rush hour prohibitions
  • Parking in any area posted “No Parking” or “No Standing”
  • Parking in a commercial vehicle zone for longer than the posted time limit
  • Parking in a residential neighborhood.

The DDOT also designates a “Through Truck and Bus Route Network” that guides commercial vehicle operators through the District. This helps them avoid the streets where trucks are prohibited from travel due to resident and infrastructure concerns.

How 123JUNK Navigates Washington, D.C. Parking Permits

When 123JUNK is called upon to work with clients in Washington, D.C., we must obtain our correct permit for that particular day and job. The permit must remain with our truck at all times when it is within the District, and is only valid for the load and vehicle identified on it.

However, even with a permit there are restrictions that can render it invalid, such as when adverse weather or road conditions impair a truck’s safe movement. We’ll let you know if conditions prevent us from attending to the job you’ve scheduled and we’ll gladly reschedule for you.

With narrow streets and no driveways, our clients in DC most likely don’t have space for a roll-off dumpster, so they rely on the convenient in-and-out service 123JUNK can provide. We help you navigate the permits and any HOA or municipal regulations that might be necessary to complete the job quickly and legally.

Schedule Your DC Junk Hauling with 123JUNK

If you have questions or simply wish to schedule a junk pickup, please contact 123JUNK at 1-800-364-5778 where you’ll reach someone in person.

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