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Dec 22, 2016

The 7 Health Benefits of Decluttering

Do you know why you feel so relaxed when you stay in a hotel room? Or why model homes are so appealing? No clutter! Then you return home and the dresser drawers won’t shut, you have to kick items out of the way to get into the children’s rooms, and you can’t find a spot on the counter to put your grocery bag. Back to reality.

We’re not saying you have to be a minimalist, however, living a clutter-free life offers a lot of benefits.

You have room to breathe

Clutter increases stress. You don’t know where to find anything, you can’t move smoothly around your space, and your eye has no restful place to fall (let alone your body). Clutter also increases opportunities for dust, allergen and mold collection since it is difficult to clean around. You literally can’t breathe healthy air.

Your living space reflects your life

Have you ever noticed that when your life is in turmoil, so is your home? Tame the chaos in your life by taking control of your environment. The simple act of clearing space creates a sanctuary where you can relax and find contentment.

You have more time

When you don’t have to clean, dust or vacuum so many objects, you have a lot more time for the fun things in life—like your family and friends. You won’t be embarrassed when friends knock on the door unexpectedly. Open the door, invite them in and feel proud of your space.

You reduce stress

When there is too much to do and no time to do it, your stress levels can rise. Conversely, when your home is neat and things are put away, you feel rested and can truly enjoy your living space.

You can lose weight

Did you know that people who own a lot of clutter can actually weigh more? Read Peter Walsh’s book, Lose the Clutter, Lose the Weight.

You can concentrate

When you’re not visually distracted by all the junk, you can concentrate on tasks more easily, and you can quickly find what you need.

You save money

Clutter is related to consumerism: the more you buy, the more clutter and the less money you have. Take the time to decorate your home to your liking and then stop buying. You don’t need the latest gadget or tchotchke; you’ll be tired of it before you know it. Use your money instead for experiences like the theater, dining out or spending time with the kids.

Clearing clutter is a process, and it can be quite emotional, especially if the clutter is extreme. Yet if you push through the anxiety, you will open up a world of benefits and good feelings.

123JUNK Hauls Clutter

When you need help decluttering, call in an organizing professional. Then if you’re in VA, MD or DC, call 123JUNK. We’re experts in hauling away what you no longer want or need. We’ll help you clear out that attic, garage or closet, or remove old furniture, appliances and playsets. Just point us in the right direction and we’ll take care of the rest.

Need junk hauled? Call 123JUNK.

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