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Jul 24, 2014

How being the little guy allows us to be thought leaders in the junk removal business

Being small has its advantages. Its main benefit is that it allows us to be flexible. For instance, when we roll out a new program or idea, it’s easier to execute. Whereas our larger franchise competitors have to get buy-in from all their franchise partners across multiple cities and then try to figure out a way to measure whether it’s working, we decide on things as a team in one of our all-hands meetings. It allows everybody to buy in to an idea, agree on its purpose and value, set the metrics/outcomes and execute swiftly.

Young, Scrappy & Flexible Junk Removal

Case in point – recently we decided we wanted to send something to our clients prior to the appointment to assist them in getting prepared for our hauling services. We wanted this something to really emphasize our donate – recycle – dispose process. One of our client experience managers came up with a fantastic idea – color coded sticky tabs to be sent to the client prior to us coming out to their property for services. This could help them separate what furniture or appliances were to be donated, what electronics or recyclables were to be salvaged, and finally, what non-valuable items were to be trashed or discarded.

Not quite sure whether this would be of value, we put it to a debate. Our entire staff spent 20 minutes in deep, engaging discussion about sticky tabs. Some people were firmly opposed to the concept, stating that the cost would outweigh the benefits. Everybody had the opportunity to speak, from our most recent hire, who had been with us for 4 days, to our president.

In the end, we ended up agreeing to move forward with the sticky notes. Fast forward several months on the junk calendar and it’s been a great success. The reason why — everybody agreed on it and it wasn’t shoved down anybody’s throat. We all take ownership in the decision. Now, when any member of our team arrives on site with furniture disposal top-of-mind, nobody is surprised or unfamiliar when a customer mentions the sticky tabs. It’s part of our process. Ultimately, this leads to a better client experience because everybody is on the same page. Perhaps this is a small detail that makes very little, if any, difference in the junk hauling experience.  But maybe it’s the little details like this that continue to set us apart in the junk hauling industry.

“Their first store may have been amazing. However, their 100th store is just a pale imitation of the original.” – Brad Williams

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