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Jan 14, 2014

Our Best Clients

While some companies choose to define their best clients according to their needs, income levels, or other variables that impact how much the business can charge for its services, 123JUNK chooses a different tact.

Simply put, our best clients know what they want. Our ideal client is expressive and passionate, and understands that no impactful company is in business just to provide a product or service. Clients who are the most communicative through our process invariably receive the best service. They clearly demonstrate what they want from our crews, and they appreciate the extra steps we take to follow up on our appointments.

The fact is—no matter how hard we try—we all inevitably make a mistake. If you’ve ever shown up late to an appointment, missed your child’s game, or accidentally broken something that wasn’t yours, you know what it’s like to be on blushing end of a silly mistake (however major or minor it may be). That’s the nature of people—we’re imperfect.

While we prefer not to define ourselves by our failures at 123JUNK, we’re proud that we can define ourselves by the way we respond to our mistakes. In our minds, that’s what makes 123JUNK a great company. If we can’t turn around a bad situation and inspire our clients to have faith in what we do, then our company culture is failing.

Collin, our president, recently mentioned how he’d like each and every employee to be empowered to take the steps necessary to create a great client experience and carry it through to completion. Because of that mindset, we interview incoming hires intensely to make sure that they’re on board with our vision. Every employee must be able to take personal, immediate responsibility for our clients’ happiness, because happy clients are good clients. They pay on time and they use our services because they believe in what we represent.

Believe it or not, our paychecks aren’t our sole motivators. If it weren’t for our interactions and the personal connections that we make every day, the culture that we’ve strived to build at 123JUNK couldn’t exist. The relationships we create with clients help to keep us open and accountable so that we’re not degrading our level of service.

Simply put, when you care about the person who hires you, you’re more likely to go the extra mile to make sure he or she has a great experience for a fair price. We can admit that we’re not perfect, but we’ll never accept that we can’t have a perfect track record with clients who let us know what they need and allow us to fix our mistakes. Our best clients will always be the people who clearly define their expectations, and then give us a chance to exceed them. 

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