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Apr 17, 2013

How to Prepare for Your Next Outdoor Project

With the weather warming up, people will begin taking action on those landscaping and outdoor projects that they’ve been planning throughout the winter. Perhaps you’re going to finally put in that pool this year. Or maybe this will be the year that you decide to install a new patio. No matter what the project is, it is likely going to involve some serious planning and as a byproduct, a generous amount of waste/debris.

Sometimes before people can get a project underway, there are other items they must get taken care of. For example, maybe before you can put in that pool, you need to take down an old shed and trim overgrown tree branches. Taking on all of this work can make that new project not seem so worthwhile.  On top of that, figuring out how to dispose of all of the waste can become daunting. However, don’t let this work stand in your way. There are a few simple steps you can take to make the process easier.

Get Bagging – Disposing of yard debris such as grass and leaves can be as simple as bagging it and leaving it at your curb for trash pickup. Placing other yard debris such as small twigs should be bundled and tied. Be sure to keep this debris under four feet in length. You may also find it helpful to keep all debris separated in like piles.

Find the Guidelines – Debris from other sources such as trees or sheds, tree houses, etc., may require a bit more work. Most counties will have specific guidelines for how to set these items out for disposal and they can normally be found though local government websites.

Pick Your Day – Nobody wants their yard to become unsightly during a project, but depending on the scope of the work it may be unavoidable, at least temporarily. Help limit your stress by accepting this and setting a goal date to have all of the major debris ready for removal. Then you can begin focusing on getting everything prepped simply for removal. This can drastically cut down on the time you spend hauling waste from your home, which should alleviate some of the stress with such projects.

These tips are nothing shocking, but it tends to be the little things that add up and cause a new project turn in to a headache. If you’re planning any projects in your yard this season, we would be happy to assist you in your planning and making sure every item is checked off of your list.

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