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Jan 26, 2013

The advantages of 123JUNK over a roll off dumpster

Does it make sense to rent a dumpster for the project you are currently planning?  In some instances, a dumpster does make more sense, but since we’re in the junk hauling business and we think we’re awesome, let us express the benefits of a junk removal service verses a roll-off dumpster.

Space and Appearance

Dumpsters are for long-term projects.  They are more appropriate for major construction projects lasting weeks on end rather than a typical residential cleanup project which professionals can complete over the span of a single day or weekend.  Many home owners’ associations will not allow dumpsters to be used in the neighborhood without special notice, permission, and possibly additional fees.  Some won’t allow them at all.

The trucks we use as an alternative to dumpsters are some of the largest in the industry, with beds around the size of a middle-tier dumpster.  They look better in general and avoid the red-tape possibly necessary due to your homeowners’ association or city zoning regulations.


Dumpsters are usually rented out on a flat fee basis, but be careful!  Most also include additional surcharges for weight, or travel and other extra charges consumers are often unaware of until after it is too late and they have already entered the contract.

A dumpster may be cheaper if you are certain you will fill it up completely yourself, but if the dumpster is not filled to the brim, you the consumer will get more for your money by using junk removal services such as 123JUNK, since we pro-rate removal according to weight or time; unlike flat-fee dumpster rentals.  Best of all, insured labor is included in our cost!

Labor and Associated Risks

Perhaps the most important and valuable benefit of all, which we offer as compared to dumpster rentals is that only junk hauling services do the hard labor of removal for you so you don’t have to.  You are relieved from risk of injury to your own health and home, and instead rely upon insured professionals to remove the junk in a safe and efficient manner.  Using 123JUNK allows you to rest easy, both physically and mentally, and watch the ball game spend time with your family.  No need to worry about further repairs to walls damaged during cleanup or doctor bills due to an unforeseen accident which ends up with the worker sitting in the emergency room and the job left unfinished.

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