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Sep 29, 2012

Disposing of That Old Television or Computer Monitor the Responsible and Easy Way

Don’t let replacing those old bulky TVs put you in dire straits. 123JUNK has your tevevision disposal needs covered, and as usual, we are committed to our three-level priority structure of “donate, recycle, or dispose.” Unfortunately, it is becoming more and more common these days for charities to be very picky about which televisions they will take as donations. That’s if they take them at all! Just a few years ago charities were all too happy to have these, but the saying now rings true about many television sets: “You can’t give them away.” You can, however, call 123JUNK. We will properly dispose of your television or similar electronic device even if we have to pay to do so.

Practice safe TV and computer disposal practices

The worst possible way to dispose of an old TV or computer monitor is by taking it to the local landfill or transfer station. Televisions and computer monitors are some of the most toxic items to put in a landfill, period. They cause serious damage to the planet and they endanger neighborhoods and water sources nearby. Many landfills may turn their head the other way and allow such toxins to be dumped anyway, but responsible citizens should not allow this to become the fate of their unwanted electronics.

There are special centers for electronics recycling. We are connected to third-party recyclers which are able to dispose of even the most worthless electronics in an environmentally safe and responsible manner.

As usual, we also will help with moving and loading your old electronics. We will ensure your home and other possessions are not damaged in the process. Also, if an item is able to be donated we will care for it in transport and get it to the appropriate destination in the same condition it was when it first left your house.

We all enjoy playing couch potato sometimes, but that’s no excuse not to dispose of TVs and other electronics in a responsible manner. Let 123JUNK dispose of your items the easy and efficient way, so you and your neighbors can continue to rest easy and enjoy this show we call life. Calling us is as easy as picking up the remote!

Learn more about Electronics Recycling.

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