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123JUNK and Community Service

When I started working at 123JUNK six months ago as a Truck Foreman, I had no idea I would be making such a big difference in my local community. One of our company’s most important core values is to maintain strong ties to our community. Each 123JUNK employee makes a commitment to living that core value to the fullest through community service. In fact every 123JUNK employee puts in hundreds of hours of community service every year. The time we spend everyday sorting, packing, and loading/unloading the donations we provide to our charity partners, is all time spent that benefits those less fortunate in our local community.


There are numerous ways our efforts may end up helping our local community. The donations we provide can help raise money for housing development projects sponsored by Habitat for Humanity. They may support a food drive for the homeless at the Western Fairfax Christian Ministry. They may even help raise money to sponsor the Boy Scout Troop at the Pender Men’s Group. However we end up helping the local community, we always know we are contributing to a good cause with the help of our charity partners.

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