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8 Ways 123JUNK Can Help With Summer Junk Removal

Summer is the time for family fun…not to spend your time going to the local dump. That’s why 123JUNK can help you have more time for summer activities by helping with your summer junk removal. Here are eight ways we can help.

Yard Brush and Debris Clean Out

Getting your yard into shape for summer fun can mean trimming the bushes and cleaning up fallen branches and debris. Rake your yard debris into a pile and we’ll remove it for you.

Pick-up of Outdoor Items

Winter may have done damage to your outdoor lawn furniture, planters or other yard items. Or perhaps you want a new look and have items you can donate to our local charitable organizations. Gather these up and let us remove and recycle perfectly-usable items on your behalf.

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Shed Removal

If your shed is falling down and needs to be dismantled, we can help with that too. Let our team break down your shed and load it onto our trucks—123JUNK has some of the largest trucks in the industry to save you money on each haul, since we price based on volume in our truck.

Swingset Removal

Have your children outgrown that backyard swingset? Let’s recycle it to another family with young kids so they can enjoy it too. We’re glad to take it down and remove it from your yard and see which of our charitable partners can delight another family! Think about what other summer junk removal you need!

Hot Tub and Pool Removal

Does your hot tub no longer work, or are you tired of that above-ground pool? Get rid of them and take back your backyard. Or make room for new versions! All we ask is that you drain the water prior to our arrival so that we can get right to work dismantling and removing your pool or hot tub.

Learn more about our 1-2-3 process of donate-recycle-dispose.

Garage Clean Up

Take time to remove items from your garage and give it a good sweeping. That will help you get ready for summer with its bikes, and sporting and outdoor fun equipment. You likely won’t want to put all the items back, so give us a call to haul them away for you.

Grill Removal

We are glad to remove your grills, with a couple of important rules. Please ensure that your grill does not contain hot coals! By law, we also cannot haul propane tanks or other chemicals. Please remove the tank before our arrival. These may seem obvious, but we want to make sure that our team members and our trucks remain safe.

Home Improvement Debris Removal

Many families use the warmer days of summer to get some of those outdoor construction projects done. That usually means construction debris as part of your summer junk removal. When you’re renovating or building, let us help. We’ll take the wood, metals, shingles, siding and other items left over from your construction project.

Need Summer Junk Removal? Contact 123JUNK

Our professional team of junk removal experts and exceptional customer service have made 123JUNK the “go-to” junk hauling service throughout Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. When you need your summer junk removed, contact us at 800-364-5778.

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The Best Home Repairs to Make in The Summer

The amount of construction debris 123JUNK has hauled away this summer is a good indicator that lots of people use the warmer months to make home repairs, remodel or install a new outdoor living space. Here are some of the best projects to tackle this summer.

Repair the Roof

Use the summer months to replace shingles, broken or missing tiles, or the entire roof. Leaks, sagging gutters and chimney cracks should also be repaired this time of year.

Replace Siding

Your siding is designed to protect and insulate your home as well as provide an aesthetic beauty. Make sure it is free of insects and in good shape after summer thunder and hailstorms and use the summer months to replace or upgrade it.

Remove Rotted Woodwork

Repair or replace rotted woodwork around window sills and sashes.

Haul Away Yard Debris

Ensure your home’s safety by removing dead or damaged trees. Haul away broke limbs and other storm debris.

Add Insulation

Lower your cooling and heating costs with insulation in the attic or between the siding and your walls.

Clean Out the Shed

Most people’s outdoor buildings could use a good cleaning. Empty the entire shed, sweep it out, and only replace the items that you really use. Call 123JUNK to haul away the rest.

Remove Outdated Play Items

If you have an old swingset, rotting picnic table or an above-ground pool you never use, remove them. Your yard will look better and you’ll have more room for the things you do like and use.

Add a Deck

Summer is the perfect time to add that deck our outdoor patio you’ve always wanted. Screen in a porch or add a gazebo.

Replace a Driveway

If your old driveway is cracked, damaged or unsightly, replace it with a new one in paving, stone or concrete.

When you’re cleaning up after construction projects in Virginia, Maryland or DC, there’s no need for you to go to the dump. If you have debris, large objects, or downed branches, call 123JUNK. Our uniformed professionals will be glad to clear away these items and haul them off in our big red trucks for you.