123JUNK Can Help With Summer Storm Cleanup

Summer storms can sometimes wreak havoc on our lawnscapes, breaking branches, downing trees, crushing outdoor furniture or littering the yard with debris. What was a beautiful landscape now becomes a disaster zone.

In our area recently, we have been plagued with thunderstorms, hailstorms and even a derecho, and as the pictures on the local TV station testify, there is plenty to clean up.

Local authorities discourage people from tossing yard waste, damaged furniture, water-damaged carpet, or loose debris in with their regular trash items. Rather, they encourage you to gather items into a pile for pickup. If your city does not provide pickup call 123JUNK. With our oversized dump trucks, 123JUNK can load and haul away large loads of debris, damaged furniture or lawn toys and equipment, recycling items when we can. You simply have to point us to the pile.

We do not, however, provide tree services. Any large trees, downed or dangerous trees should be serviced by a licensed tree contractor. Do not attempt to remove trees or branches that have become entangled in electrical wires.

Municipalities and community HOA requirements request that storm cleanup to occur shortly after damage is done in order to maintain cleanliness and sanitary standards. Besides, you’ll feel better once your yard is back to a favorable condition.

Just remember, you don’t have to do it alone. You have 123JUNK to help.