Let’s Prevent Home Fires

At 123JUNK, we care about the people in our community, so from time to time, we like to share some tips that can keep you safe. Here are some tips to preventing home fires.

Fireplace Safety

Since we use our fireplaces this time of year, let’s make sure we use them safely.
• Use a screen made for a fireplace.
• Don’t overload the fireplace. Small fires are safer.
• Do not burn items not meant for the fireplace or add combustibles like gasoline or lighter fluids.
• Be aware that certain fabrics may not be fire-retardant. Use caution when approaching the fire.
• Keep flammable materials away from the fireplace, including Christmas trees, papers, pillows, blankets or furniture.
• Be sure the fire is extinguished before going to bed.

Space Heaters Safety

A large number of home fires are caused by space heaters. To minimize the risk, remember these tips:
• Use only grounded cord with a three-prong plug, plugged directly into the wall outlet, not into an extension cord.
• Be sure the heater is clean and not covered with dust.
• Always turn the heater off when leaving the room, even for a short while.
• Do not use where flammable or explosive vapors are present.
• Do not place near combustible materials. These include paper, magazines, curtains, drapes, or office furniture. Most guidelines recommend at least 36” clearance in front and 18” clearance from the sides and back of the unit.
• Place the unit on a sturdy, level surface.
• Never run the cord underneath anything, including carpets, clothing or clutter.

Plan Clutter-Free Escape Routes

If there is a fire in your home, you’ll want to know how to exit quickly and safely.
• Create an escape plan and route. Know where to exit in case of a fire.
• Practice your escape. Include plans for pets.
• Maintain a clear clutter-free path to travel in case of emergency. If smoke fills the room, vision may be limited.
• Designate a gathering spot outside the house.

Hopefully with these tips, we can all enjoy winter’s warmth! If you need to remove clutter to make your house safer, just give 123JUNK a call. Your safety is our concern.