Spring Cleanup and Cleanout

It’s official! Spring begins this week. That means it’s time for spring cleaning.

This year, 123JUNK wants you to look at spring cleaning a little differently. Instead of just spring cleaning, make your goal a spring cleanout. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Clean Out Inside

Surely there are items around your house that you haven’t used in years: plastic food containers, old appliances, or furniture that is just taking up room. Just think of how fresh and clean your home and cabinets will look with more open space.

Clean Out Outside

Don’t just look inside the house…look outside. Clean out the shed, remove outdated lawn furniture or a jungle gym, and chuck what’s been cluttering up the garage.

Can’t Decide?

If you can’t decide what stays or goes, ask yourself these questions:
• Have you used it in the past year?
• Is it outdated?
• Is it broken, rusted or torn?
• Does it make you feel good when you see or use it?
• Do you still like it?
• Will you ever finish it?
• Do you keep it because you think you paid too much for it?
• Did you keep it because it was sentimental, but have no current use for it?

Looking at your stuff with “fresh” eyes can help you determine what you really need in your life. For all the rest, there’s 123JUNK.

123JUNK Takes the Work out of Spring Cleaning

At 123JUNK, we will pick up your cleanout items and donate to our charities items that could be of use to another family. It feels good to think that your unwanted-but-still-good item becomes someone else’s cherished possession.

Anything that’s unusable we’ll haul off to either recycle or dispose of. You don’t have to lift a finger except to point us in the direction of your items to be removed.

Spring cleaning this year means clearing out. Contact 123JUNK today to make your appointment at 1-800-364-5778 or through our website.