Why Our Storage Unit Means Responsible Disposal

A few years ago, we leveraged our partnership with Habitat ReStore of Northern Virginia to secure rental space at the Fairfax County I-66 Transfer Station, otherwise known as “The Dump.” We then purchased a 40 foot weather tight internationally shipping container and had it delivered to the Fairfax Dump. After purchase, tax, delivery and rental, this proved to be a fairly expensive business decision. However, it was a game changer for our brand.

With our new storage unit, we are able to salvage far more than we were ever able to in the past and more effectively carry out our brand promise. Before we had this arrangement, we would go to a client’s home or business, load the trucks and then proceed to drive from charity to charity and recycling facility to recycling facility, until we got rid of all the items that we knew shouldn’t be dumped. This would take hours and lots of fuel. Being green was costly!

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