Appliance Removal

Relaxing and Responsible Refrigerator Removal

What do you do with that refrigerator you no longer want or need on moving day? The default action for most people is to leave the fridge for the next person moving in, but sometimes that is not an option and it must be disposed of some other way. (Note that this article speaks about getting rid of a fridge or freezer for any purpose, whether you are moving or not. Either way, we are ready to assist!)

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pick pile of junk and debris

We Haul Demo and Construction Debris Too!

So much of 123JUNK’s business is centered on relocation—downsizing, home staging, and residential cleanouts—that it’s easy to forget that we can also help people who are staying right where they are. Instead of selling and relocating, many homeowners are electing to simply upgrade their current homes and stay put.  That means they’re hiring contractors to tear away the old, worn out parts of their homes so they can be upgraded.  The ensuing demolition creates a lot of waste debris that needs to be hauled away.

In small remodeling and renovation outfits, every employee is critical to the build.  In those cases, it just doesn’t make sense to have specialized workers spending time cleaning up and transporting rubbish and scraps when they could be on site, making sure the project gets finished on time.  When deadlines are looming and labor is spread thin, 123JUNK can help carry the load.

Since remodeling and renovation work typically takes place in established neighborhoods, contractors can also find themselves in a bind when it comes to disposal options.  HOA guidelines often prevent placement of roll-off dumpsters on the street or in the driveway, and there are limits on the amount of trash and debris that homeowners can place curbside for weekly pickup.

123JUNK offers the solution to those problems.  We work in tandem with contractors and homeowners to clean up, clear out, and haul away renovation debris and old appliances.  If you have leftover building materials that were left unused during the renovation, we can also donate those items to our friends at Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  And since 123JUNK is insured to enter homes and remove items, all of the stuff can be left inside, away from the prying eyes of neighbors and HOA inspectors.

123JUNK can be a valuable asset to the operations of contractors and remodelers who put quality and service first.  We’re 100% committed to providing an unmatched client experience to our friends in the construction and remodeling industries as well as their customers.