Trash or Treasure?

Working at 123JUNK, we never know what we’re going to find when we get the call to haul junk from someone’s residence. Most of the time, it’s the normal items, like worn-out furniture, old appliances, or clutter. But sometimes, even we’re surprised!

Here are some of our unusual finds that we’ve come across over the years from around Northern Virginia and Maryland.

25 Loads

One of biggest jobs to date was the removal of 25 truckloads of clothing and newspapers from a residence.

No Vroom

We were called to remove nine motorcycles from a split level home that were located in the lower level. We’re not sure how the clients got the motorcycles into the home, but we had to remove them up the flight of stairs. Since they were non-functional, they were taken to the recycling facility.

If I Only Had a Brain

One client had amassed a rather large collection of animal skulls that was no longer wanted or needed.

Read All About It

Another client wanted us to remove about five thousand comic books and catalogs, hundreds of pairs of shoes, and thousands upon thousands of CDs, store-bought and mostly unopened. These were ideal items to donate.


In some situations, as we’re removing junk, we sometimes uncover the remains of various animals, like snakes, rodents, and even cats.


Our favorite find has to be the $1,500 in scattered coins that were uncovered once the clutter and trash were removed from a home. The homeowner allowed us to keep  all coins that we could find.

It’s 5 o’clock somewhere

We once did a job that consisted of 500 bottles of unopened wine. Some was bitter, but much of it was aged to perfection.

One man’s trash..

Very often items you no longer need or want can be repurposed for use with others, and we’re glad to assist to help both you and our community. As the adage goes, “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

Please call us when you need to clear out or clean up.