Size matters: What You Should Know About Your Junk Hauler’s Trucks | Junk Removal Montgomery County

Generally, the Junk Removal industry charges by volume. Weight, labor hours and disposal fees – it’s all built in. The challenge for the consumer is, not all trucks are created equally. A fully loaded truck at one company may only be a half truck at another. Here is a tool to help you better understand what size truck is required for your volume.

For starters, you’ll need about 150 cubic feet of truck space per furnished room. This obviously depends on how packed the room is and how large it is, but work with us here. There translation from cubic feet to truck size goes like this: length in feet = volume in cubic feet divided by height x width of the truck in feet.

A typical studio apartment for instance has about 400 cubic feet in space. If it’s not too packed, you’d probably be able to fit the contents into a 10 foot truck. However, to remove the contents of 2 to 3 finished rooms, you’re probably going to need a truck that’s at least 14 or 15 feet in length.

In any case, make sure you ask your junk hauler about the size of their trucks before making your conclusion on which company has the best rates.