123JUNK Partner Spotlight: Loudoun Habitat ReStore

We hate to see perfectly good items end up in the landfill. That’s why we’ve partnered with wonderful organizations like Loudoun Habitat ReStore in Leesburg, Virginia. We thank them for their dedication to helping local families with both housing through Habitat for Humanity, and furnishings through the ReStore.

When 123JUNK gets a call to pick up indoor or outdoor furniture or household goods, we have a sorting process that culls out the items that can be loved by a new family. We deposit these items into a special bin near the county landfill, where Loudoun Habitat ReStore can pick them up and place them for resale in their store.

“We’re seeing that people are becoming more environmentally savvy and see the value of not throwing good items into a landfill,” said ReStore manager Therese Cashen. “They are focused on recycling, upcycling and repurposing. 123JUNK’s process allows us to get great donations that we can recycle into the community and enable us to fund affordable housing for Loudoun residents.”

Your Old Home Furnishings are Treasures to Another Family

“Whereas many of the ReStores sell building supplies, our store features about 14,000 square feet where we sell mostly home furnishings. We sell anything for the home, and when we have furniture it sells fast,” Cashen said. ”Our biggest challenge is getting enough donations,” Cashen said.

Habitat for Humanity Helps Families Get a Home

The mission of Habitat International is to eradicate substandard housing around the world by building simple, decent and affordable housing in partnership with people in need. “In Loudoun, we have people who work here and can’t afford to live here, so our job is to try to put folks into a livable home or condo,” Cashen explained. “Families and singles can apply to our program, and if chosen, have to put in 100 or more hours of ‘sweat equity’ working on the home or in the store.” The homeowners do acquire a reduced-amount mortgage and need to pay their own bills once they move in.

Call 123JUNK to Donate Your Unwanted Items

If you have perfectly good home or office furnishings you’d like to clear out, please call 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to haul away the items for you, make them available to our charitable partners, and give you a receipt so you can deduct your donation on next year’s taxes. Our big red trucks are waiting for your call.

Learn more about Loudoun ReStore here


Giving to our community: A spotlight on a few of our charity partners

February is the month for love, and at 123JUNK, we have to say that we love our community. Not only for what it gives us, but for what we can do for it. While we are known for hauling away junk and unwanted items, many people don’t know or understand what happens to those items after they leave the home.

Every week, 123JUNK delivers 2-3 TRUCKLOADS of donated items to our charity partners, who then resell the items to raise money for their organizations or causes. These items include furniture, household items, dishes, clothing, books and more.

This activity falls directly in line with our three-pronged philosophy of donate, recycle and dispose, which we love!

Two main charitable organizations we work with include:

• Pender ReGift Thrift Store in Chantilly, VA
Loudoun Habitat ReStore in Leesburg, VA

“People can rest assured that their “not junk” items are not being thrown away,” said Maryann Weber, director at Pender ReGift. “This not only has the environmental impact of saving our planet, it also helps the poor.”

“In a way, I feel like Robin Hood, taking the items the ‘rich’ have donated and making them available for the poor,” she continued. “If someone is sent to us from the government, nonprofit or religious referrals, they get to pick out what they need for free. We’ve set up complete households and given clothing and household goods, and 123JUNK is our regular supplier of items.” A series of special storage facilities are set up where 123JUNK loads items for Pender and other charities to pick up weekly.

Community is a Core Value

Community is one of the Core Values at 123JUNK, and other ways we love our community is by donating our time and services. We provide ongoing gratis haul away service and silent auction donations, and conduct food drives in order to give back to the community.

If you have items to donate, please give 123JUNK a call.