Local Charity Resources

One of our greatest differentiators in our line of work is the robust network of charities we utilize.  We confidently claim to donate at a greater rate than any other junk removal company in the Washington DC area.

Often, though, we caution our clients that we’re at the mercy of the charities, the same as anyone else.  Our ability to donate is directly related to the quality and amount of items our partner charities have in stock. Fortunately, we have lots of charity partners.

One of the ways you can get a feel for how charities evaluate an items worthiness of pickup, is to literally have them come out to your house for a pickup.  Not all of the charities listed below offer free pickups, but some of them do.  As a rule of thumb, a charity will remove items from garages, carports, and other places outside the home, but they will not go into the home and carry items out.  Charity pickups almost invariably require you to place items outside yourself so the charity doesn’t have to concern itself with any liability for potential damages to your home.


Below is a list of local charities that 123JUNK works with:

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