How to Clear Emotional Clutter

Physical clutter we all understand. It is the accumulation of too much stuff that we can see and feel. Emotional clutter is something altogether different, yet, similar in its own way. It is the accumulation of persistent negative thoughts or thought loops that can clutter our mind and drain our energy. Although you can’t call a junk hauling company (like 123JUNK) to haul it away, the good news is that there are ways to clear emotional clutter.

What is Emotional Clutter?

Emotional clutter is negative thoughts that are deep-seated beliefs about yourself, like “Nobody really loves me,” “I am terribly awkward talking with people,” “I’m not deserving,” or “I can’t do it.” Unfortunately, the more you let them clutter your mind, the deeper these thoughts seat themselves, like a bad habit, or grooves on a record that that plays over and over again.

How to Clear Emotional Clutter

The brain is an amazing instrument that can be reprogrammed. In scientific terms, this is called neuroplasticity, or “the brain’s ability to modify, change and adapt both structure and function throughout life and in response to experience,” according to a Frontiers in Psychology article.

Step One: Identify the Negative Thoughts

Each time you have a negative thought, acknowledge it. Write it down. Notice and record how often it appears. Think to yourself, “Is this really true?”

Step Two: Slowly Make Changes

You can’t just swing your thought to the opposite end of the spectrum. It won’t work. You have to take baby steps and look at the reality of the situation. If your thought is “Nobody really loves me,” take a count of all the people that really do care about you and create a new script like “My spouse and children love me, and I am lovable.” It is OK to also include yourself in those who love you, as in “I love who I am.” Work on one negative thought at a time.

Step Three: Create New Grooves

Every time you have a repeating negative thought, replace it with the new thought. The more you retrain your brain, the fewer times the negative thought will reappear. Consciously repeat the new thought, even when the negative thought isn’t appearing. Say it out loud, and repeat it often, like when you’re taking a walk, driving or in front of the mirror.

Step Four: Be Kind to Yourself

It takes time to reprogram negative thoughts, so be compassionate to yourself and remember your own worth. Create a strong support system of people who can reiterate and reinforce your new, positive thoughts.

Once you are able to clear negative thoughts, you will feel lighter and more freedom than ever before. These thoughts are not facts. They are merely thoughts. Visualize a path to a new outcome and repeat that image until it becomes the new reality. As you clear emotional clutter, you are able to make better decisions about everything, leading to a more joyful and fulfilling life.

Want to know more? Here are several books designed to help clear emotional clutter:

Clearing Emotional Clutter: Mindfulness Practices for Letting Go of What’s Blocking Your Fulfillment and Transformation, by Donald Altman, 2016.

Emotional clutter—the equivalent of a jam-packed closet in your mind—has been proven to block success in professional and personal lives. It can results from hidden pains and traumas and creates toxic patterns. The author helps you identify what you’re holding on to and how to cleanse, heal or accept old wounds, mistakes and disappointments.

Clutter Busting Your Life: Clearing Physical and Emotional Clutter to Reconnect with Yourself and Others, by Brooks Palmer, 2012.

Keeping things you no longer need can keep you from experiencing the joy of connection. The author discusses how we use clutter to protect ourselves, control others and cling to the past, and how to not only clear clutter but enjoy deeper, more authentic relationships.

Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui: Free Yourself from Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Clutter Forever, by Karen Kingston, 2016.

This author claims that clutter is stuck energy that has far-reaching effects beyond the stuff, and causing effects to the body, mind, emotions and spirit. She covers why people keep clutter, how it stagnates your life, and how to clear it quickly and effectively.

Clear Clutter in MD, DC and Northern VA with 123JUNK

Did you know that emotional clutter can lead to physical clutter? When you’re ready to clear the clutter out of your home or office, contact 123JUNK. We’ll be glad to remove junk, furniture, appliances, household goods and use our 1-2-3 process to Donate-Recycle-Dispose of them in the best and most eco-friendly ways possible. We’ll also do a complete cleanout of your property if needed.

For junk hauling in Maryland, Washington DC or Northern Virginia, contact 123JUNK.

two men moving a couch with three men seated on it

A First-Hand Look into 123JUNK Experiences

Working in the waste management industry is full of surprises—some more memorable than others. And while at first glance, a junk removal company may seem similar to the usual garbage collection and disposal workers that visit your neighborhood once a week, we have a much more thoughtful process. 

123JUNK is Washington DC’s leading junk removal company that is on a mission to donate, recycle, and properly dispose of unwanted, gently used items. While implementing this 1-2-3 process, our team of experts have encountered a variety of unique experiences while out in the field. Take a look at their personal experiences below!

The House with 10,000 Records

On my first day, I was on the trucks with Timmy, and we had finished up all of our appointments, but another team’s job took longer than expected and they were going to miss the window for their last appointment. So we get assigned to the house with 10,000 records. The job was far away, but we still went to make sure the customer’s expectations were met. 

It was an exhausting, awesome, and eye-opening experience. The client was even fine with us taking some records, but most of them were donated to a local record store. I also got a better grasp of the team mentality at 123JUNK. It really showed that no matter how your day has gone this company and its team has a mentality of always helping and going the extra mile.

– JJ Pedder, Customer Success Representative

Clearing Out A Legendary Boxer’s Home

My most memorable moment so far is probably when I got to go to the legendary boxer Sugar Ray Leonard’s old house. We were just clearing out some old furniture and kids’ toys when I got to see his boxing room. It had a giant, full wall mirror, a punching bag, a speed bag, and an autographed poster. I was definitely starstruck. 

– TJ Spencer, Customer Success Representative

A Successful Hot Tub Takedown

One of our client representative managers was asked by a client if we could take apart a hot tub attached to an above-ground pool. Take a standard hot tub, and then put another one next to it, and another one next to that. It was essentially all one big piece. When we got there around 11 o’clock in the morning, we were working there for most of the day, having multiple people working saws to cut it up. It’s one of the more memorable success projects that we have had. 

– Paul Atherton, Fleet Dispatch Manager

Local Junk Removal in Washington DC

Join Our Junk Removal Team in Washington DC!

As a locally-owned and operated junk removal company in the Northern VA, MD, and DC area, we are proud to help our community grow through proper waste management support and partnerships with local businesses and charities. Our passionate junk removal team continues to work hard for our customers, keeping them satisfied with the highest quality of service possible. If the above stories piqued your interest, consider learning more about joining our team! Contact our junk removal team today at (800) 362-5778 or fill out our form to schedule a service.

Junk Removal Washington DC

Professional Junk Removal vs. Dumpsters

With the new year underway, seize the moment and knock out a task that you’ve been putting off. It’s time to empty that attic, basement, or storage unit that you promised to clean months ago. However, this task presents a conundrum: what will you do with all the junk in that space? Where can it go? 

Don’t let clutter stop you. Reach out to 123JUNK for professional junk removal services! Since its inception, our company has sought to help people dispose of their unwanted goods responsibly. As a DMV business, we donate used goods to charities around the Washington, DC, region. We also recycle appropriate materials to avoid landfill waste. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or other junk, we take away whatever you want us to. Plus, we offer professional cleanout services for any size property. 

Below, we describe the differences – and benefits – of junk removal service against traditional dumpster rentals: 

Junk Removal Opposed to Dumpster Rental

These days, junk removal and dumpster rental are the primary options for disposing of home goods. In both cases, an outside company hauls away the trash. But they differ in how they reach that end: one requires no labor on your part while the other requires a great deal of it. 

When you hire a junk removal company like 123JUNK, its crew handles the heavy lifting. They bring a truck, and the employee team removes all the items (with a few exceptions) in a given space. Benefits of professional junk removal include speed, efficiency, and peace of mind. 

Dumpster rental requires that you handle the work. After the rental company drops off their dumpster (in the street or your driveway), you must load it with your unwanted items. After a set time, the company hauls off the dumpster with the junk you’ve loaded in it. 

Drawbacks of Dumpsters

Certain situations call for dumpster rental. For instance, contractors and companies use them at worksites for disposal. They make sense in such a scenario, as construction teams need a means of clearing junk during their work. 

But if you want to declutter your home or office, renting a dumpster is a hassle. First, it requires intense labor from you. Also, if no one can help, you may not be able to move large items that must go. And the limited timeframe may not give you enough time to complete your cleanout. 

What’s more, dumpsters come with a hefty price tag. You need a city permit to keep the dumpster in the street. Plus, many rental companies set weight limits and dumping fees, so extra costs pile up. But junk removal avoids these problems, replacing them with benefits. 

Benefits of 123JUNK’s Services

Of all junk removal services, why call 123JUNK? First, as a proud DMV business, we want to do our part in the community. This goal influences all aspects of our business: our 1-2-3 disposal process, our variety of options, and our outstanding customer service. 

Also, we remove junk from residential and commercial spaces including offices, storage units, warehouses, garages, sheds, and more. Plus, our complete service comes at one flat price. Rather than charging by weight or volume, we prorate our charges based on the space your junk covers in our trucks.

If you’re interested in our services but unsure whether to commit, feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We are happy to describe our process and services to you with a one-on-one consultation. 

Responsible Junk Removal Now Available Throughout Washington, DC

You could struggle to unload an attic or basement’s worth of junk alone, or a professional team could handle it for you. Reach out to 123JUNK for full-service junk removal and hauling services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, and our outstanding team lives up to its great reputation. Let your used goods go to families in need throughout Washington, DC. Call us today at 1 (800) 364-5778 or fill out our online form.

furniture removal Fairfax VA

How Do I Get Rid of Old Furniture?

Getting a new couch or chair can refresh the appeal of a sitting room, and ordering a new mattress can lead to better sleep. But when you install new furniture, you may already have a problem: where do you put the old piece? Not many people have extra space to store a couch or mattress. Plus, as we’ll discuss below, disposal can be a hassle. 

But no matter what you need removed, the service professionals at 123JUNK can handle it. Once you schedule a pickup, we take care of everything for you. So whether it’s a box spring in your attic or a TV in your basement, our team will move the junk for you and load it into one of our premier service trucks. Customers in Fairfax and across Northern Virginia rave about our professional furniture removal services, and we pride ourselves in hauling away all kinds of pieces. 

Here, we describe your furniture disposal options and how we can help: 

What Are My Options?

furniture removal Fairfax VA

For one of many reasons, you might not dispose of old furniture right away. Perhaps your home contains storage space, and you find it convenient to hang onto the piece for a little while. Even so, that furniture will eventually need to move out. 

Removal can be tricky and call for extra hands or a dolly. And once you maneuver an old sofa or desk out of your house, you must have a proper means of disposal. Many garbage services will refuse to accept furniture or appliances due to company rules and lack of equipment. 

A sofa may be taken apart for disposal, but that’s a multi-step process that demands the proper tools. Or, if their city allows it, some folks might put an old couch out on the curb for anyone to take. But the only guaranteed disposal comes from a junk service. 

How Can 123JUNK Help?

furniture removal Fairfax VA

Our removal services require no effort from you. In fact, you can leave the furniture in question as it is; we’ll carry it out from any place in your home. We’ll also bring a company trunk to take away the pieces. 123JUNK takes the reins and gets the clutter out of your way. 

Our service time will depend on the amount of material you want us to move out. However, we expect to finish in no more than a few hours. Plus, 123JUNK is fully insured and our team works hard to avoid causing any damage during removal.

We’ve outlined a list of items that we accept online (though there are fewer things we don’t accept than we do). We also try to make our pricing as simple as possible. You can call us today at 1-800-364-5778 and we will provide an estimate based on the materials described. 

What Will Happen to My Old Furniture?

Many of our clients wonder what happens to the furniture that we remove. It’s heartening to hear that folks don’t want their junk to simply rot in a landfill. And, happily, we aim to do better than that. 

After picking up your junk, we pick out any items that are still in working condition. Then, we take that material to one of our charity partners in the DC Metro Area. The usable furniture thus supports a family in need rather than sitting in a junkyard. 

We also remove any recyclable materials from your junk. Only the remainder is hauled away and disposed of. We believe that this process helps to support our community and reduce waste. 

Call 123JUNK for Fast and Reliable Furniture Removal in Fairfax, Virginia

If you want your attic cleared out or space for a new couch, you should let 123JUNK handle the work for you. Our fast furniture removal services are now available for people in Fairfax and all over Northern Virginia. We take pride in providing holistic service and donating items to local charities. 
Avoid waste and hassle by calling 123JUNK at 1-800-364-5778 or filling out our online form. Get a quote or schedule a pickup today!

full-service junk removal Chantilly VA

How Can Full-Service Junk Removal Help Me?

full-service junk removal Chantilly VA

Without meaning to, many of us acquire a lot of stuff in our day-to-day life. “Stuff” applies broadly: furniture, kitchenware, clothing, appliances, electronics, office items, etc. And often, when something gets replaced, we set the old item aside with the goal of doing something constructive with it. 

Those old items often end up in a nearby basement or closet. We intend to donate it, hand it down, or repair it, but we never get around to doing so. Our good intentions lead to clutter, and clutter takes over our living spaces. If you have a cluttered home or office, you should call our professional junk removal team at 123JUNK. We’re a full-service junk removal company that can empty out any basement or storage unit in Chantilly, VA, or across the DC Metro Region. Our friendly staff can clear out space any day of the week, rain or shine. We haul it off your property and take it off your mind. 

Here, we describe what makes 123JUNK “full-service” as well as all the options we provide our clients: 

What is Full-Service Junk Removal?

full-service junk removal Chantilly VA

Some junk removal companies have limited service options. They may only take a handful of items (whatever they classify as “junk”), serve only residential or only commercial clients, and only clean out certain spaces. Not 123JUNK: “full-service” means we clean out any given space for any customer. 

We’ve cleaned out garages, attics, offices, warehouses, foreclosures, basements, construction sites, and more. Plus, our services don’t come with any load or space-size limits. We list the few things we don’t accept on our website, which include paint and chemicals. 

Full-service also means that we handle all the work. When hired, our clients need not expect to move anything – that’s our job. Our team will bring one of our company trucks (they’re the largest in the industry), and you can sit back as we clean out your space and load up the junk. 

What Makes 123JUNK Exceptional?

full-service junk removal Chantilly VA

We are not the only junk removal company out there, but we aim to be the leader in exceptional service for our customers and community. As members of the DMV community, we strive to make it a better place. Specifically, this involves our 1-2-3 disposal process

After removing junk from a client’s space, we take it to one of our local charity partners in the DC Metro area. Whatever can be donated is selected and put toward a good cause. Thus, your usable furniture, clothes, and appliances won’t go to waste; they’ll go to another family. 

Then, we sift through the remaining junk and recycle as many items as possible. This helps to reduce landfill waste and support our local environment. Finally, we dispose of anything that cannot be donated or recycled. 

What Can 123JUNK Do For Me?

full-service junk removal Chantilly VA

Do you have some old, extra furniture that you want to be rid of? Are you moving soon and want to lighten the load? Or are you just hoping to clean up your home or office? Our team can help you accomplish any of these! 

We want to remove the junk from your space without leaving a trace, so we carefully avoid damage and dirt. Also, in light of the COVID-19 environment, we’ve outlined some common-sense policies to keep customers and employees safe.

Whether you want to talk through a potential job or have questions about a job that we’ve already completed, reach out to one of our Client Relationship Managers. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and want to make things right so that all clients feel this way.

Contact 123JUNK for Reliable, Full-Service Junk Removal in Chantilly, VA!

Looking to de-clutter your home or office before the holidays? Our full-service junk removal can help you accomplish that! Whether you have furniture, appliances, or other materials to clean out, your local junk removal company will take care of it. Our services are available now for customers in Chantilly, VA, and throughout the DC Metro area. Call us at 1-800-364-5778 or fill out our online form today! 


Careful Communication is Key to 123JUNK’s Success

When running a business that centers on customer satisfaction, like 123JUNK, communication can make all the difference. Good communication can create a happy and pleasant experience, while bad communication can turn a perfectly good day into a terrible one in an instant. We’d much prefer to have happy clieints and employees.

We make communication one of our core values and strive in every instance to be clear, polite, and personable in each and every interaction.

With clients, we try to make interactions with 123JUNK both pleasant and easy. We always answer the phones personally, and provide a complete quote on any job that includes everything from fuel to labor. There are never any surprises after the job is done. Clients are free to ask questions to any member of our staff or crew, at any time. And if there ever is a miscommunication, 123JUNK does everything we can to make the situation right. We insist on having happy clients. We even have a team member designated as “Client Experience Manager” to ensure that our client’s expectations are met.

Internally, we hold weekly meetings with the entire staff to review company news, provide ongoing training and discuss any issues that may have arisen during the week, no matter how small. When we are all on the same page, our unity translates into better service for our customers.

Many companies may say they value communication, but don’t walk that path every day. At 123JUNK, our employees are trained in our core values, which are posted prominently in our offices as daily reminders. We even communicate our values through our clean trucks and professionally-uniformed employees.

We suggest that you try us out…give 123JUNK a call to schedule removal of your unwanted junk, yard waste, old furniture or electronics. We’re sure you’ll be pleased. However, if you have suggestions for how we can communicate even better—we’re all ears!


Your Junk Could Be Tax Deductible

Although allowances may vary from state to state, charitable contributions are one way to reduce your tax debt, and with tax time upon us, we want you to take advantage of every tax deduction you can.

123JUNK removes many items from our customers’ homes and businesses that are primarily reusable because they are in good condition. These can include household items, furniture, clothing, or even business equipment. You simply have no use or room for the items any longer.

What is Junk to You is a Treasure to Someone Else

In keeping with the 123JUNK philosophy of Donate-Recycle-Dispose, we donate these perfectly-good items to our charitable partners, like Habitat for Humanity or the Pender ReGift Thrift Store so they can reissue them back into the community for people who need or want them.

123JUNK Gives You a Donation Receipt for Your Taxes

But the good news doesn’t end there. When we drop your items off, 123JUNK obtains a receipt for these goods, which we then mail to you so you can take the deduction on your tax returns. (If the contribution value is higher than $250, you must support your deduction with a receipt and a description and estimated value of items donated.)

The IRS has rules that must be followed for your donation to qualify. For example, the donation must be made to a qualified organization (like a church, non-profit or charity) and it cannot be more than a certain percentage of your adjusted gross income, depending on what type of property it is. Your tax professional can help you with the details.

Please note that 123JUNK is not qualified to offer either legal or tax advice. Please consult a professional if you need assistance. But do give us a call to help clear the clutter from your home or business. Our professionals are ready to haul!


The Perfect Gift for Mother’s Day: A Clean House

Haven’t thought of the perfect gift yet for the Mom in your family? How about finally getting to those tasks she’s been wanting to have done around the house for Mother’s Day—like cleaning out the garage or tossing out that old worn-out furniture?

You’ll be Mom’s hero and you won’t even have to work hard to get the honor when you call 123JUNK. We’ll send over our uniformed professionals to help get the job done, along with our big red trucks to haul away anything you can clear out of the house. That includes junk in the basement or attic, outdated electronics or appliances, and even yard waste.

Make Mom Happy This Mother’s Day

A Mom’s supreme focus is on her family and her home. You can show how much you support her efforts by giving her that extra hand around the house. 123JUNK not only removes items, we also help with the heavy lifting at home. Does Mom want to move bulky furniture from room to room? Or take out the old refrigerator to make room for a shiny new one? Then ask about 123JUNK’s Labor Only services.

You’ve probably heard the adage “If Mom ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy.” It’s true. But with 123JUNK, Mom’s house will be spic and span and everyone will be happy.

Oh, and Don’t Forget to Wrap Something

It’s probably funny to think about trash for a Mother’s Day gift, but hey, we’re in the junk removal business so we think about nothing else. Seriously though, Mom will appreciate it. But just in case, you had better also get her a gift that comes in a fancy box with a bow. Or chocolates.


123JUNK Offers More Than You’d Expect

Come into the 123JUNK offices and the first thing that catches your eye is our Core Values. They are printed, framed, and mounted prominently so that we all remember just what we’re here for.

Just having them posted creates an expectation within our company culture of how we will do business. Not how we should, but more strongly, how we will operate the business and treat our customers.

We Raise the Bar

In our philosophy, the measure of good customer service is EXCEEDING expectations, not just meeting them. This means communicating clearly and over-delivering on what customers expect.

Every one of our customers has a pre-determined “bar” that has been set by some service company or experience they’ve had in the past. They have an idea of “what to expect” before they hire us.

Our goal is to exceed that expectation.

We’re Different, Starting with our Touch Points

The 123JUNK staff is trained to ask a lot of questions on the initial telephone conversation. This way, we can provide an accurate estimate to ensure that the price we give once we arrive on the site aligns with the ballpark estimate the client was given by our appointment scheduler. We don’t want surprises any more than you do, so we make the effort up front to set the expectation correctly.

Most people don’t expect professionalism from a junk removal company. That’s why we like to shake things up and be different. Following the initial conversation, our clients receive a:

  • Confirmation email
  • Reminder call the afternoon before the appointment
  • Call 30 minutes prior to arrival
  • Post-appointment follow-up call (day of the appointment)
  • Handwritten thank you note after the appointment

If you think about it, when is the last time you were given this kind of consideration by a service company?

Creating Expectations is a Core Value

We believe in treating our customers the same way we’d like to be treated ourselves. That’s why we took the time to create our list of core values, and live by them each and every day.


123JUNK Saves The Day

One of the questions we hear most when a call comes in about scheduling service is, “How soon can you fit me in?” And while it’s not always possible to get a truck to a location at a moment’s notice, it’s ALWAYS our goal to do everything within our power to please our customers. Often times, with the help and flexibility of our amazing truck staff, we make jobs fit where it seemed virtually impossible. It’s not uncommon for a client to tell us we are “saving their life” by accommodating them on a quick-turnaround job, as a lot of the work we do is tied to deadlines in contracts, moves out of town, or other time-sensitive situations.

Model “Junkmen” Citizens

Recently, however, two men in one of our trucks witnessed an accident occur on a local roadway. The occupant of one of the vehicles involved appeared to be in need of assistance, and, without hesitation, they rushed to her aid and notified emergency services of the situation. Joe and Paul (the Super Hero pictured here) stayed with the motorist – along with an off-duty nurse who witnessed the incident – until a response team arrived and was able to control the scene of the accident. We are proud to be able to say that we have such high-character individuals on our team.

Whether it’s finding a way to get a short-notice pickup on the calendar, coming to the aid of strangers in need out on the roads, or just generally making our clients feel comfortable while we do our work, 123JUNK goes above and beyond the call of duty.