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Professional Junk Removal vs. Dumpsters

With the new year underway, seize the moment and knock out a task that you’ve been putting off. It’s time to empty that attic, basement, or storage unit that you promised to clean months ago. However, this task presents a conundrum: what will you do with all the junk in that space? Where can it go? 

Don’t let clutter stop you. Reach out to 123JUNK for professional junk removal services! Since its inception, our company has sought to help people dispose of their unwanted goods responsibly. As a DMV business, we donate used goods to charities around the Washington, DC, region. We also recycle appropriate materials to avoid landfill waste. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, or other junk, we take away whatever you want us to. Plus, we offer professional cleanout services for any size property. 

Below, we describe the differences – and benefits – of junk removal service against traditional dumpster rentals: 

Junk Removal Opposed to Dumpster Rental

These days, junk removal and dumpster rental are the primary options for disposing of home goods. In both cases, an outside company hauls away the trash. But they differ in how they reach that end: one requires no labor on your part while the other requires a great deal of it. 

When you hire a junk removal company like 123JUNK, its crew handles the heavy lifting. They bring a truck, and the employee team removes all the items (with a few exceptions) in a given space. Benefits of professional junk removal include speed, efficiency, and peace of mind. 

Dumpster rental requires that you handle the work. After the rental company drops off their dumpster (in the street or your driveway), you must load it with your unwanted items. After a set time, the company hauls off the dumpster with the junk you’ve loaded in it. 

Drawbacks of Dumpsters

Certain situations call for dumpster rental. For instance, contractors and companies use them at worksites for disposal. They make sense in such a scenario, as construction teams need a means of clearing junk during their work. 

But if you want to declutter your home or office, renting a dumpster is a hassle. First, it requires intense labor from you. Also, if no one can help, you may not be able to move large items that must go. And the limited timeframe may not give you enough time to complete your cleanout. 

What’s more, dumpsters come with a hefty price tag. You need a city permit to keep the dumpster in the street. Plus, many rental companies set weight limits and dumping fees, so extra costs pile up. But junk removal avoids these problems, replacing them with benefits. 

Benefits of 123JUNK’s Services

Of all junk removal services, why call 123JUNK? First, as a proud DMV business, we want to do our part in the community. This goal influences all aspects of our business: our 1-2-3 disposal process, our variety of options, and our outstanding customer service. 

Also, we remove junk from residential and commercial spaces including offices, storage units, warehouses, garages, sheds, and more. Plus, our complete service comes at one flat price. Rather than charging by weight or volume, we prorate our charges based on the space your junk covers in our trucks.

If you’re interested in our services but unsure whether to commit, feel free to contact us for a free estimate. We are happy to describe our process and services to you with a one-on-one consultation. 

Responsible Junk Removal Now Available Throughout Washington, DC

You could struggle to unload an attic or basement’s worth of junk alone, or a professional team could handle it for you. Reach out to 123JUNK for full-service junk removal and hauling services. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on our services, and our outstanding team lives up to its great reputation. Let your used goods go to families in need throughout Washington, DC. Call us today at 1 (800) 364-5778 or fill out our online form.


123JUNK Saves The Day

One of the questions we hear most when a call comes in about scheduling service is, “How soon can you fit me in?” And while it’s not always possible to get a truck to a location at a moment’s notice, it’s ALWAYS our goal to do everything within our power to please our customers. Often times, with the help and flexibility of our amazing truck staff, we make jobs fit where it seemed virtually impossible. It’s not uncommon for a client to tell us we are “saving their life” by accommodating them on a quick-turnaround job, as a lot of the work we do is tied to deadlines in contracts, moves out of town, or other time-sensitive situations.

Model “Junkmen” Citizens

Recently, however, two men in one of our trucks witnessed an accident occur on a local roadway. The occupant of one of the vehicles involved appeared to be in need of assistance, and, without hesitation, they rushed to her aid and notified emergency services of the situation. Joe and Paul (the Super Hero pictured here) stayed with the motorist – along with an off-duty nurse who witnessed the incident – until a response team arrived and was able to control the scene of the accident. We are proud to be able to say that we have such high-character individuals on our team.

Whether it’s finding a way to get a short-notice pickup on the calendar, coming to the aid of strangers in need out on the roads, or just generally making our clients feel comfortable while we do our work, 123JUNK goes above and beyond the call of duty.

If Loving Junk Is Wrongjpg

What is Junk?

Take a moment right now and ask yourself this question: “What is junk?”

The point of this exercise is not to address an existential conundrum or to trick you with a riddle. The word junk can mean different things to different people, but as the foremost authority on all things junk, we are here to tell you that the possibilities for what it can be are endless!

Junk can be trash, but doesn’t have to be, and typically it isn’t anything even closely resembling it. We make a great effort to turn the items we remove from our clients’ properties into donations, so what may have been considered the “J” word to one person is actually a new and exciting possession to someone else.

Junk can be clutter, occupying valuable space in a home that could be used for much better purposes. Playing a role in the reclamation of a home’s space is a rewarding component of the work that we do. We always love to see the look of relief on a client’s face when they see the empty space that was previously overwhelmed with stuff!

So, while the broad definition of what we haul away may be useless, the fact of the matter is that it can be so much more. Perhaps most surprisingly, junk can turn into new opportunities – both for the people getting rid of it and those who end up with it.


Size matters: What You Should Know About Your Junk Hauler’s Trucks | Junk Removal Montgomery County

Generally, the Junk Removal industry charges by volume. Weight, labor hours and disposal fees – it’s all built in. The challenge for the consumer is, not all trucks are created equally. A fully loaded truck at one company may only be a half truck at another. Here is a tool to help you better understand what size truck is required for your volume.

For starters, you’ll need about 150 cubic feet of truck space per furnished room. This obviously depends on how packed the room is and how large it is, but work with us here. There translation from cubic feet to truck size goes like this: length in feet = volume in cubic feet divided by height x width of the truck in feet.

A typical studio apartment for instance has about 400 cubic feet in space. If it’s not too packed, you’d probably be able to fit the contents into a 10 foot truck. However, to remove the contents of 2 to 3 finished rooms, you’re probably going to need a truck that’s at least 14 or 15 feet in length.

In any case, make sure you ask your junk hauler about the size of their trucks before making your conclusion on which company has the best rates.


123JUNK Scorecard

Nearly a year ago, right before we decided to do a major overhaul on our brand, I asked my employees to grade the company in several areas. These areas included our customer service, our systems and processes, our company culture, our ability to communicate to each other and the general level of happiness each of us had within the company. We all sat down and discussed it in thorough detail. Everybody’s voice was heard and nobody was shy about their feelings. It proved to be one of the most impactful things we’ve ever done as a team because it really helped us identify the things that were preventing us from getting to the “next level.” We lay everything out on the table and each of us made a commitment that we would do our part to ensure that the company would reach its goals.

This week, as I was cleaning out some files on my laptop, I came across the meeting recap, which I blasted out to my team shortly after the meeting was over. I figured I’d share it (the good half, anyways) to the viewers of this blog, because it gives some insight on what we consider to be important characteristics of 123JUNK. As far as the less positive portion of the scorecard… well, I think we’ll just keep that part our little secret.

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man kneeling in front of company moving truck

How I Became a Junk Man (Part 3)

Ugly Start

In the early months, let’s just say, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. We needed business and we were willing to take just about anything that came our way. We got a call from a lady who had a shed in her back yard. The shed was made of solid wood. She wanted it removed, as well as a riding lawn mower, some lawn equipment and several dozen blocks of large concrete that sat inside. I gave her the price -$350- and I clenched as I watched her reaction. Surprisingly, she accepted the price without hesitation. I thought to myself, “Collin, you smooth son of a gun. You just got away with murder!”

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close up of work moving truck with logo

How I Became a Junk Man (Part 1)

In The Beginning

I was a few years outside of college and I was wearing a tie every day to work. I had an excellent job in sales with one of the top moving companies in the Washington DC area. I had a company car and a relatively flexible schedule. I enjoyed who I was working with and I took pride in what I was doing. The CEO of my company was a self-made millionaire and a brilliant business man. I had almost unlimited access to him, which was uncommon for somebody in my position.

Earning an entry level salary, I lived comfortably with my three roommates in our luxury townhome in Herndon. Our rent was low and I had some spending money each week, which I successfully burned through each weekend. I had stress typical of any full time professional, but my work-personal life balance was relatively healthy.

Still, there was a void in my life… or at least in my career.

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four men pretending to lift the back of work moving truck

How I Became a Junk Man (Part 2)

I still remember the savings account bank statement. It read $4,127. Although this was a lot of money to a 23 year old, I knew it wouldn’t get me very far. I wasn’t living in the 1950’s.

I told a few friends about my intentions to put in my two week notice and start hauling junk for a living. The collective feedback sounded something like, “You’re an idiot.” On a certain level, I agreed with them, but I figured I had little to lose. After all, the only person I was supporting financially was myself and I had seen the demand for these services first hand, as a moving consultant.

So I went with my gut and I purchased an old truck from my Uncle.

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123JUNK – A Referral Business

Junk Removal is a seasonal business. Perhaps it’s not seasonal the way a landscape company or a pool cleaning service is, but if I had it my way, it’d be summer all year round! In the slower winter months, we try to pay closer attention to where our business is coming from. We like to know which sources we can rely on all year round to ensure we continue growing.

So as we always do this time of year, we spent a few hours last week, crunching numbers and studying our data. We were ASTOUNDED by what we learned! So astounded, in fact, that I felt compelled to write this blog.

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