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Preparing for the Hybrid Work Model & Decluttering Your Office

If you’re returning to the office and transitioning to a hybrid work model, decluttering your workspace is one of the most effective ways to prepare your team for success. COVID-19 sparked the potential for a hybrid work environment, causing employers to scramble to adopt new in-office and remote work routines. 123JUNK proudly works with Northern VA businesses by providing professional junk removal so their teams can work in an optimal environment. 

If you need assistance decluttering your workspace, allow 123JUNK to help! Using our 1-2-3 Process, we will be able to determine which items can be donated, recycled, or properly disposed of. We partner with local charities throughout the DC Metro area to donate gently used unwanted items to families in need. 

Below, we discuss hybrid work and how your business can easily adapt to the new changes.

What is Hybrid Work? 

Hybrid work is often described as a more flexible work schedule and environment with varying levels of remote work and in-office work. There are a number of hybrid work models that businesses are tailoring to ensure the highest level of productivity and work-life balance for their employees. Whichever type your team has agreed on, make sure that everyone is aware and prepared for the changes. 

4 Steps to Adopting a Hybrid Work Model

  1. Declutter
    As employers are still navigating the best way to implement hybrid work, many may find that their current office space needs to be decluttered and re-envisioned  to create a workspace that’s focused on safety.

    Our local junk removal team can help haul away any unwanted desks or items your company no longer needs. You can trust us to thoughtfully donate, recycle, or dispose of them so you can focus on preparing your team for their new work routine. 

    Figuring out where and how to get rid of your junk can be a time-consuming challenge, especially during an office transition. However, we make the entire process easy with fast pickup and thoughtful disposal services.
  1. Reorganize
    After decluttering your space, the next step is to decide how your hybrid workspace will operate, especially when your employees do come into the office. Consider collaborating with your team on determining what the best office layout will look like.

    Some companies may choose to start “hot-desking” or having shared workstations on a “first come, first served” basis. Others might opt for having a few teams to rotate their designated workstations in a more structured way to maintain productivity.

  2. Set Expectations
    It’s crucial to stay connected with your team. With a more flexible hybrid schedule, it might become a little challenging. Be sure to set expectations regarding new policies and procedures for in-office and remote work, team member schedules, meetings and more with your team upfront.

  3. Communicate
    It’s important to stay on the same page with your team on a daily basis so nothing falls through the cracks. Ensure your employees have everything they need to get their tasks done—whether they’re in the office or at home.

    Also, have one primary mode of communication where employees can check updates frequently. Some companies have daily meetings as well as shared access to necessary files to prevent lack of communication or miscommunication. 
Northern VA Junk Removal Service

Returning to a Hybrid Work Model? Let 123JUNK in Northern VA Haul Away Your Junk

When it comes to organizing a hybrid workspace, you may feel overwhelmed not knowing where to start. With the world constantly changing, 123JUNK is here to help you feel more grounded with our professional junk removal services. We are passionate about helping residents and businesses throughout Northern Virginia thrive in healthy, clutter-free spaces by providing thoughtful junk removal services. No matter what you need to haul away, we can take care of it for you.

Clear out your junk today! Call our junk removal team at (800) 364-5778 to schedule a junk removal pickup or receive a quote.

COVID-19 Safe Junk Hauling in Gaithersburg MD

Getting Ready For Spring: How to Get Rid of Old Junk During COVID

As the pandemic inspired many residents to declutter their homes in 2020, some are feeling re-inspired to reduce their household items yet again. However, it’s understandable that getting rid of your junk this year feels a little risky. 

Yard sales pose a safety risk and charity donation centers have limited hours that may not work with your schedule. Hiring professionals to haul away your junk from your home may be your best option to stay safe and reduce your clutter.

Below, we discuss how our junk removal team can help you embrace and out with the old and in with the new mentality for spring 2021.  

Benefits of Hauling Your Junk This Spring

haul away your junk safely in Gaithersburg MD
  1. More Convenient

Consider how long it will take to clear out, unload, haul, and dispose of your unwanted items. For many people, this can take hours and even days. With the help of your local junk removal company, you can spend more time doing things you enjoy while they take care of your project from start to finish!

  1. Safe and Healthy

There are some items that are too dangerous or hazardous to deal with on your own. You could seriously injure yourself without the proper knowledge or equipment readily available. 

Professional junk haulers have the training and experience to dispose of unwanted items and waste properly and legally while adhering to federal and state guidelines, as well as the CDC’s guidelines. 

  1. Major Cost Savings

Hauling your junk isn’t as simple as it seems. There’s a variety of factors to consider such as gas, mileage, dumping fees, and renting trucks. Using your personal vehicles can also pave way for additional issues, including unnecessary damages and costs.

  1. Reliable and Efficient

Junk removal involves much more than just hauling items away in the back of a truck. Knowing what can be properly disposed of or recycled is a not only cost-efficient but better for the environment. Not to mention, your well-loved items can potentially be someone else’s treasure. 

Consider junk removal experts who utilize an efficient junk hauling process, like 123JUNK’s 1-2-3 Process of donating, recycling, and disposing.

Our Junk Removal COVID-19 Safety Precautions

covid-19 junk hauling company in Gaithersburg MD

As we’ve previously mentioned in our policy changes in response to COVID-19, we take the safety of our customers and employees seriously. We continue to adhere to the federal, state, and local government guidelines to ensure your safety and health. Here are our safety protocols:

  • All service contracts and payments are processed virtually.
  • Our team and customers wear face masks or face covers.
  • Team members exhibiting symptoms of illness stay home for the recommended time frame established by the CDC. 
  • Only two team members per truck. They also stick with each other daily in their designated truck. 
  • Personal tablets and equipment are assigned to our staff.
  • Daily disinfection of trucks and equipment. 
  • Our support staff are currently working from home while our truck staff are dispatching in their designated trucks.
  • Our team holds frequent virtual meetings to remain transparent and keep communication open. 
  • Working is 100% voluntary for all staff as safety is our top priority.

Note: Discounts are available for customers who have the capability to leave their unwanted items on their property for a quick pickup.

Let Our Professionals Haul Away Your Unwanted Items!

As an essential service provider, our team is proud to continue assisting our community during this time. While we understand you may be concerned about the spread of Coronavirus, you can rely on our junk removal team to haul away your junk safely according to federal and local government guidelines as well as the CDC recommendations
Allow our team to help you declutter your home this spring so you can spend more time doing things that you love. Call (800) 364-5778 to haul away your junk today!