Starting the new year right: showing gratitude

Coming into into the new year, we are keenly aware of our attitude of gratitude as we say thank you to all those who opened their homes and hearts to us during the holiday season, and those loved ones who gave us gifts.

It is also important that we say thank you to all of those surrounding us in our business lives as well: our wonderful staff members who work hard all year, our excellent referral sources and charity partners, and our incredible clientele. January 2016 marks the beginning of our eight year in business!

Gratitude is a Core Value

Gratitude is one of our core values here at 123JUNK, and we like to show it as often as we can. We find it is very important to our success as a referral business.

Strategies we use including sending handwritten cards or calls to referral sources, and follow-up calls and handwritten notes to our clients. We even share our client feedback with our referral sources to keep them in the loop.

All of our staff at 123JUNK is trained to genuinely thank our clients as if the gratitude was coming directly from the owner. We put more energy into following up with our clients than we do in searching for new business because we feel our clients can be our sales team if they are happy.

Our Core Values are Who We Are

At 123JUNK, our business is based on a number of core values. Hauling away junk is what we do; our core values are who we are. So as we write our thank you notes to friends and family, we remind ourselves to be grateful for each and every person with whom we interact throughout the year, and look forward to all the new people we’ll meet in 2016.

Happy New Year!