Labor Only: A Little-Known Service from 123JUNK

By now, everyone knows that 123JUNK hauls junk. But what they may not know is that we provide a little extra service we call “Labor Only.”

Our Labor Only service is used mostly when we’re at a home or office and the owner needs help moving around a few heavy items. It offers the extra help or extra brawn to lift and move weighty or multiple objects. It is ideal for people who are elderly, incapacitated or physically challenged, busy, absent, or stressed for time, although anyone is welcome to use this service.

Here are some examples of Labor Only services:

  • Client has a storage pod or storage unit on site and needs the contents loaded into their home or garage.
  • Client needs to temporarily move the contents of their living room to the family room so new carpet can be installed.
  • Client is doing spring cleaning and needs to move items out of the way in the basement so they can begin the sorting process.
  • Client is remodeling the office and needs the furniture moved to a storage area on premises.
  • Client is cleaning out the shed and wants to have everything removed from it so they can start to reorganize from scratch.
  • Client is putting in a new lawn and irrigation system and needs all lawn furniture and children’s playsets moved into the garage temporarily.

Very often, the client has items they want us to take away when we leave, so we conveniently bring our trucks to every job. Once a space is cleared, it’s difficult to want to fill it back up again with the old stuff.

123JUNK is Not a Moving Company

To be clear, 123JUNK is not a moving company, and we do not move items from one location to another. We partner with many wonderful moving companies who can provide that service for you. If you need a referral, let us know.