Stefani Arnold from Belfort Furniture

Meet Our Partner – Stefani Arnold, Design Manager at Belfort Furniture

Helping our community stay comfortable and making the decluttering process easier is a top priority for our team. We have been partnering with a locally owned and family-operated business, Belfort Furniture. Our team has been hauling away unwanted furniture from their customers’ homes and making way for new furniture from Belfort. We are delighted to introduce to you their Design Manager, Stefani Arnold. Let’s learn more about Stefani and Belfort Furniture below!

hauling away furniture at Virginia home

Can you tell us about yourself and your role at Belfort Furniture?

I’ve been at Belfort Furniture for a little over 20 years now. I started as a part-time sales person, beginning with consultations at clients’ homes 19 years ago. I loved doing in-home design and, after a couple of years, I became a full-time senior designer. I took referrals from the sales team and furnished client’s homes. And about 10 years ago, I got promoted to Department Manager of the Design Department.

How did you end up partnering with 123JUNK?

They actually approached us a couple of times. When I met them, I thought we would be a perfect match. Oftentimes when clients are deciding on furniture they say, “I have to go home and think about it. I have to figure out how to get rid of my used furniture.” Then I tell them to call 123JUNK and they will take care of it!

Over the years, I used to tell clients that they could donate their old furniture to Salvation Army or local thrift stores, but a lot of those places are very picky and won’t take your items. Everyone really loves having 123JUNK donate or dispose of their unwanted items so our team at Belfort Furniture can bring in the new furniture.

Can you tell us about a memorable moment with 123JUNK?

I’ve actually hired them once and was blown away with the team that came to my house. They were very professional and clean-cut. And I honestly didn’t expect to see such clean-cut guys coming to take my old junk out of my house.

It was really surprising and, not to mention, impressive seeing them come in with their uniforms ready to haul away my furniture. It also made me feel better recommending a company that I’ve personally used.

furniture hauling at Northern Virginia home

What are your favorite aspects of working in the furniture and home design industry and connecting with people in the way that you do?

It’s really rewarding to create an environment where a person can return home and fully relax and enjoy their living spaces. And the best part is that every day is a new scene. Every time I meet a new client, it’s a whole new chapter and a whole new story.

I’m also fortunate to work with a really great team of talented individuals. I speak for everyone at Belfort Furniture when I say we work for a truly great company. They are very generous, charitable, and they care about their employees. That’s why there are so many people, including me, who have been here for over 10 years. We all joke about how we’re growing old together!

In the past, I’ve worked for corporations where you’re just a number. But here, the owner knows you and knows your kids’ names. We know him and his wife very well. And they also own Stone Tower Winery in Leesburg, Virginia.

New Virginia Home Furniture from Belfort Furniture

Do you have any quick home design or home improvement advice for people attempting to update their living spaces?

One of my favorite mottos is the more fabrics and textures in a room, the better. Without them, your room designs seem boring. Also, don’t forget about window treatments. And if you’re going furniture shopping, always bring the measurements of your room. On a regular basis, we find ourselves trying to help clients figure out the measurements of their rooms because they don’t know. It can be done if they do a good job describing what they have, but it’s never really exact dimensions.

We also have our in-home design service where we will come and measure a customer’s space. We also offer presentations where everything is spec’d out for them, fabrics, wood pieces, mugs, accessories and more. 

Due to COVID-19, there’s a shortage in select fabrics, and upholstery is taking up to six months to be delivered. We’re lucky at Belfort Furniture because we have a wide range of stock in our inventory that we can deliver immediately. You just can’t customize it as quickly these days, but you can still shop our in-stock inventory!

How can people reach out to you or learn more about Belfort Furniture?

Customers can go to our website or call us to request a design appointment. When COVID-19 happened, we also began offering virtual appointments as well. Shop our in-stock furniture or contact the Belfort Furniture team today!

furniture removal Fairfax VA

How Do I Get Rid of Old Furniture?

Getting a new couch or chair can refresh the appeal of a sitting room, and ordering a new mattress can lead to better sleep. But when you install new furniture, you may already have a problem: where do you put the old piece? Not many people have extra space to store a couch or mattress. Plus, as we’ll discuss below, disposal can be a hassle. 

But no matter what you need removed, the service professionals at 123JUNK can handle it. Once you schedule a pickup, we take care of everything for you. So whether it’s a box spring in your attic or a TV in your basement, our team will move the junk for you and load it into one of our premier service trucks. Customers in Fairfax and across Northern Virginia rave about our professional furniture removal services, and we pride ourselves in hauling away all kinds of pieces. 

Here, we describe your furniture disposal options and how we can help: 

What Are My Options?

furniture removal Fairfax VA

For one of many reasons, you might not dispose of old furniture right away. Perhaps your home contains storage space, and you find it convenient to hang onto the piece for a little while. Even so, that furniture will eventually need to move out. 

Removal can be tricky and call for extra hands or a dolly. And once you maneuver an old sofa or desk out of your house, you must have a proper means of disposal. Many garbage services will refuse to accept furniture or appliances due to company rules and lack of equipment. 

A sofa may be taken apart for disposal, but that’s a multi-step process that demands the proper tools. Or, if their city allows it, some folks might put an old couch out on the curb for anyone to take. But the only guaranteed disposal comes from a junk service. 

How Can 123JUNK Help?

furniture removal Fairfax VA

Our removal services require no effort from you. In fact, you can leave the furniture in question as it is; we’ll carry it out from any place in your home. We’ll also bring a company trunk to take away the pieces. 123JUNK takes the reins and gets the clutter out of your way. 

Our service time will depend on the amount of material you want us to move out. However, we expect to finish in no more than a few hours. Plus, 123JUNK is fully insured and our team works hard to avoid causing any damage during removal.

We’ve outlined a list of items that we accept online (though there are fewer things we don’t accept than we do). We also try to make our pricing as simple as possible. You can call us today at 1-800-364-5778 and we will provide an estimate based on the materials described. 

What Will Happen to My Old Furniture?

Many of our clients wonder what happens to the furniture that we remove. It’s heartening to hear that folks don’t want their junk to simply rot in a landfill. And, happily, we aim to do better than that. 

After picking up your junk, we pick out any items that are still in working condition. Then, we take that material to one of our charity partners in the DC Metro Area. The usable furniture thus supports a family in need rather than sitting in a junkyard. 

We also remove any recyclable materials from your junk. Only the remainder is hauled away and disposed of. We believe that this process helps to support our community and reduce waste. 

Call 123JUNK for Fast and Reliable Furniture Removal in Fairfax, Virginia

If you want your attic cleared out or space for a new couch, you should let 123JUNK handle the work for you. Our fast furniture removal services are now available for people in Fairfax and all over Northern Virginia. We take pride in providing holistic service and donating items to local charities. 
Avoid waste and hassle by calling 123JUNK at 1-800-364-5778 or filling out our online form. Get a quote or schedule a pickup today!


We’ve expanded our fleet

We’re so excited! We have new additions to the family! Not only are we rapidly growing our staff, but we’ve also expanded our fleet. This in the midst of what is considered the “slow season” in the junk removal business.

123JUNK is growing fast, and to keep up with demand, we need more and more trucks. So we’ve invested in acquiring some of the largest trucks in the junk removal industry.


What this means for you is even better service:

  • With the bigger trucks (560 cubic feet) we can get the job done in fewer trips, which translates to less time on site and more free time for our clients.
  • With more trucks on the road, we can service more neighbors throughout northern Virginia and Maryland.
  • We’re more available when you need us. 

The perfect time to call 123JUNK is when you need items removed from your home or commercial property. Our pickup can be as little as one item, or as big as an entire houseful.

Did You Know We Name Our Trucks?

We think of our trucks as members of the family, therefore we give them names and refer to them by their names. Our current names are “recycled” from presidential names….you may have the SS John Quincy Adams at your house… or perhaps the SS Andrew Jackson. Ask our junk removal specialist just “who” is hauling away your junk.

For presidential service in junk removal, contact 123JUNK at 703-400-7645 or through our website.

man kneeling in front of company moving truck

How I Became a Junk Man (Part 3)

Ugly Start

In the early months, let’s just say, the phone wasn’t ringing off the hook. We needed business and we were willing to take just about anything that came our way. We got a call from a lady who had a shed in her back yard. The shed was made of solid wood. She wanted it removed, as well as a riding lawn mower, some lawn equipment and several dozen blocks of large concrete that sat inside. I gave her the price -$350- and I clenched as I watched her reaction. Surprisingly, she accepted the price without hesitation. I thought to myself, “Collin, you smooth son of a gun. You just got away with murder!”

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I still remember the savings account bank statement. It read $4,127. Although this was a lot of money to a 23 year old, I knew it wouldn’t get me very far. I wasn’t living in the 1950’s.

I told a few friends about my intentions to put in my two week notice and start hauling junk for a living. The collective feedback sounded something like, “You’re an idiot.” On a certain level, I agreed with them, but I figured I had little to lose. After all, the only person I was supporting financially was myself and I had seen the demand for these services first hand, as a moving consultant.

So I went with my gut and I purchased an old truck from my Uncle.

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