Full House vs. Fuller House

There’s a new show on television, a spin-off actually of a very popular sitcom called “Full House.” The new show is titled “Fuller House.”

Full House was very popular from 1987 to 1995 and started off with Danny Tanner, who recruited his two best friends, Joey and Jesse to help raise his three young daughters. As the show progressed, even more people were added to the cast, with friends, girlfriends, wives, and more children came along. This ended up being a very full San Francisco rowhouse.

Fast forward to February 2016, and the premiere of Fuller House, a new Netflix series based on the original concept, with most of the original cast members.

What is a Full House vs. a Fuller House?

Roundabout, this got us at 123JUNK thinking about the concept of Full House vs. Fuller House. In our definition, a Full House is one in which a family can live comfortably. They have just enough to allow them to live the lifestyle they envision, without having too much. There are clear spaces, tasteful decorating, and enough room so that they don’t feel crowded or cramped.

You can take this same house, under the Fuller House definition, with the same family, and with too much stuff in the house, they are no longer living comfortably. They have to move items in order to sit down, can see no clear spaces, have piles of old newspapers or outdated collections, and feel like they need a bigger house.

In extreme conditions, a Fuller House could indicate a hoarding problem, but in most cases, it’s simply an accumulation of stuff that’s built up over the years of living in one place. Don’t worry, we all do it.

Clearing Out Means a Healthier Lifestyle

Clearing out junk can have a cathartic emotional impact on any family. Paraphrasing from a study published in the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute’s The Journal of Neuroscience, when the environment is cluttered, the chaos can restrict one’s ability to focus and process information. It vies for your attention like a needy child, leading to frustration.

123JUNK is a Clean-Out Specialist

Haven’t you looked at the piles around your house and wished somebody else would clean it up for you? Our job at 123JUNK is to remove items from people’s homes and businesses. If you find yourself in a Fuller House situation and want to do something about it, we’ll professionally haul away unused items, old furniture or appliances for you. You’ll feel better about your house, be able to spend more time with the family since you’re not cleaning up all the time, and enjoy the mental and physical freedom a clear space can provide.