Some Extra Incentive

At 123JUNK, you probably know by now that donation is a major point of emphasis. It is, after all, the “1,” in our three-step process. We encourage our truck crew to donate as much as they possibly can after removing the items from our clients’ homes. In many cases, the donation component of our process is what made a client decide to choose us over a competitor. We appreciate and value that choice, and we treat our commitment to serving the local community with great respect. Playing a role in prolonging the lifecycle of the items we collect is rewarding for us, and it undeniably enriches the experience of working at 123JUNK.

This month, our truck crew has more at stake than the satisfaction of knowing they helped to keep a table out of the landfill, or that they played a role in furnishing the home of a family that otherwise wouldn’t have been able to afford a living room set. Joe (pictured above), who many of our clients probably know from his unforgettable personality, has issued a challenge to his fellow Junkmen. If each of our Truck Foremen are able to donate from a certain number of jobs on which they’ve worked, Joe has promised to allow them to shave his head bald! With a head of hair like his, needless to say this is quite a gamble on his part. He just feels so strongly about the 123JUNK pledge to turn “junk” into opportunity that he is willing to risk his hair for the cause! We are proud of Joe and his call to action for his co-workers.


Core Value – Environmental Stewardship

We call ourselves the “greenest junk removal company” in the DC area, period.  It may be a bold claim at its surface, but everyone at 123JUNK stands behind that claim without any hesitation.  The idea is to minimize our footprint on the environment and continually improve our operations so that we’re not wasting anything. We dedicate ourselves daily to protecting and improving the environment in which we all live and work.

Our Donate, Recylce, Dispose Process

It’s right there in our name, 123JUNK.  Our three-step process isn’t drastically different than the processes that a lot of our competitors use, but it has one distinguishing characteristic—it’s in writing.  We have articulated and put to paper our specific process so that everyone in the organization clearly understands that dumping is a last resort.  It’s the refinement of that process that really sets us apart.

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Audacious Junk Hauling Goals

The world is going green. It’s clear that environmentally conscious companies hold an advantage in tomorrow’s increasingly eco-conscious business environment. 123JUNK was created with the objective of making the biggest difference in its community and its environment. We aim to continually improve our metrics so that we can minimize our footprint on the planet and quantify our impact in the community.
Over time, our 3 Step Disposal Process  has become the essence of our brand. It’s why people use us and it’s what sets us apart from our competition.

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Why Our Storage Unit Means Responsible Disposal

A few years ago, we leveraged our partnership with Habitat ReStore of Northern Virginia to secure rental space at the Fairfax County I-66 Transfer Station, otherwise known as “The Dump.” We then purchased a 40 foot weather tight internationally shipping container and had it delivered to the Fairfax Dump. After purchase, tax, delivery and rental, this proved to be a fairly expensive business decision. However, it was a game changer for our brand.

With our new storage unit, we are able to salvage far more than we were ever able to in the past and more effectively carry out our brand promise. Before we had this arrangement, we would go to a client’s home or business, load the trucks and then proceed to drive from charity to charity and recycling facility to recycling facility, until we got rid of all the items that we knew shouldn’t be dumped. This would take hours and lots of fuel. Being green was costly!

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