“I Was Wondering if You Guys Could Take…”

When fielding inquiries about our services, one of the most common questions we hear is in regards to whether or not we can remove certain things from our clients’ properties. While we try our very best to remove ALL of your unwanted items, there are, of course, a few limitations. It pains me to describe something we can’t do for our clients, but 123JUNK is not able to legally remove paint, chemicals, oils, asbestos, gasoline/oil, or concrete/bricks and stone.

Now that we have that out of the way, let me get myself back into a good mood and describe some examples of the unusual things we ARE ABLE to remove for our clients!

  • Rowboats and canoes
  • Above-ground pools (deconstructed, of course)
  • Hot tubs – free-standing, drained, and disconnected from all utilities
  • Sheds
  • Pianos (Spinets/Uprights)
  • Swing sets
  • Basketball hoops

Notably, just the other day we were able to remove the shell of a 1983 Volkswagen Passat from a client’s driveway. What, you don’t believe me? See for yourself!

If you have an unusual, heavy, awkward, or otherwise questionable junk removal situation on your hands and this blog didn’t specifically address it, that’s why we are here. Give us a call and do your best to surprise us with what you need hauled away from your property. Hopefully, we can return the favor when our reply is “Yes, we can do that!”


Big to Small: Tips to Balm the Painful Process of Downsizing

123JUNK sees many people downsizing their homes due to short sales, foreclosures, mortgage issues, or just wanting a smaller place to live. Other clients may be moving into a retirement community due to a death in the family or the desire to have less home and yard care or a more simple lifestyle. Whatever the reason, often a new home or apartment involves less storage and living space than the previous residence. This creates tough decisions of keeping or disposing of certain items. While we do not take it upon ourselves to directly consult clients on what to get rid of, the following may help give you some ideas about how to go about clearing out your possessions so that you can have room to actually navigate, live, and enjoy your new, smaller place of residence.

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What to do with that old Couch?

Okay, so you’ve gotten those precious hours of relaxation out of your old couch, for better or worse, and are ready to get rid of or replace it. 123JUNK helps clients find the best method of disposal to suit the specific couch or similar furniture based on the priority theme: Donate, Recycle, Dispose.

If possible, we always strive to donate couches which can be reused. We can evaluate whether or not your couch can be donated to a charity or non-profit company to benefit the less fortunate, protect the environment, and even possibly get you a tax write-off. However, there are requirements for donations, such as having no major stains, pet hair/dander, animal scratches, etc. We are equipped to educate and advise clients about what charities will take. If it qualifies, we will also carefully load the old couch so that no further damage comes to it, ensuring that cushions, pillows, and any other accessories remain together and in optimal shape.

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We get holiday cards from our clients!

Like many companies, we at 123JUNK spend all year focused on how we can improve our processes, improve our efficiency, improve our client experience, improve, improve, improve! We discuss improvement until we’re blue in the face. In fact we put so much emphasis on our never ending quest to get better that we often fail to realize the successes that we’ve experienced during the year!

Then the holidays come, and for one month, we put the subject of improvement on the shelf and refocus our energy on showing thanks to those who were responsible for our prior year’s successes! We try to thank our clients, our referral partners, and our staff. We try to thank our families, our friends and anybody who played a role in our individual and organizational development. The more we think about it, the more we have to be grateful for!

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