Decluttering for Home Staging, Part 2

In this second post in our series on decluttering for home staging, 123JUNK continues our quick list of what to declutter from your home.

123JUNK’s Quick Guide to Decluttering for Home Staging


• Pack up all personal items, including photographs, memorabilia and artwork
• Pack out-of-season clothes and linens to store off-site
• Reduce the quantity of clothing in the closet to one third and hang them in categories such as short-sleeves, long sleeves, jackets, skirts, etc.
• Remove extra accessories like handbags, shoes and belts
• Choose pretty, light-colored linens for the bed, with decorative pillows.
• Remove jewelry to a private and secure location
• Store extra furniture to open the room; leave only a bed, a nightstand and a dresser. If there is a seating area, leave on or two chairs.
• Clear off dresser and table tops, leaving one or two decorative items
• Keep children’s toys to a minimum. Corral them into a decorative box.
• For items you need regularly, place them in storage boxes under the bed


• Remove prescription drugs to a private and secure location
• Pack up seldom-used toiletries from drawers and cabinets
• Keep only one or two extra sets of linens in the closet to create an airy look
• Group essential cleaning items into one small out-of-sight area
• Clear off all surfaces

Home Offices

• Remove all furniture except a desk, desk chair and guest chair
• Move business paperwork to Banker’s Boxes; hide them from public view
• Minimize electronic and computer equipment
• Clear off all surfaces and store personal items
• For items you need regularly, store them in a decorative desk-top box

We hope you find this guide helpful for staging your home. At 123JUNK, we have a three-fold philosophy: donate, recycle and dispose. If you need furniture or appliance removal, or cleanup services, please contact us.