Culture of Excellence

At 123JUNK, we spend a lot of time working hard and getting dirty. It’s the nature of our business, and, quite frankly, we wouldn’t want it any other way. But just because we may get some dirt under our fingernails while we’re servicing our clients across the region, doesn’t mean we hold ourselves to a lower standard when it comes to presentation.

You will always recognize a 123JUNK crew by the fact that they all wear the unmistakable red collared shirts, black pants, and footwear that is up to the task at hand. Our trucks, the largest in the industry, are a beacon of junk-removal hope when you see our 560 cubic-foot truck beds rolling down your street and safely backing up to your property.

Speaking of our truck beds, we take such pride in how our trucks look, and how our company presents itself out in the field, that we recently took delivery of a freshly painted truck and immediately sent it back because it didn’t live up to our Culture of Excellence. If we won’t send a truck with a mediocre paint job to a client’s home, imagine how high we set the bar for the team performing the service.

As a client of 123JUNK, you will come to understand that the Culture of Excellence is a company-wide mission. We take great pride in providing an experience far superior to what any other company can offer, and we hope to exceed expectations on each and every job we perform from the first phone call, to the removal itself, all the way down to the post-appointment follow-up experience.

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