The 123JUNK follow up process

Having your junk hauled with 123JUNK is as simple as our moniker suggestions, “easy as 1-2-3!” It has not always been as seamless a process as it seems now and we know it’s still not perfect. Over the past six years we have tweaked and modified our processes based off the advice from the experts, our customers! We stress always that customer feedback is so important and we will continue to emphasize this because we believe there is always room for improvement. We follow up with every job completed with a phone call, email, or hand written thank you card.

The purpose of these follow-ups:

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Why we won’t put you on hold

We market ourselves pretty strongly on our process and our relationships with charities in the area. In terms of marketability and legitimacy of purpose, it’s probably our greatest strength. That said, it’s important to call attention to the part of our business that keeps our clients coming back whenever they have any disposal-related questions or hauling needs. That’s our high quality of service.

While a lot of our competitors (and other businesses in general) are shifting toward automation and self-scheduling over the web, a phone call is still the only way to finalize an appointment with 123JUNK. At this point, even the most well-automated system can’t replace the nuance that we can achieve with knowledgeable people answering the phones.

A person can understand your sense of urgency and work to fit you into the best possible spot on our schedule to fit your needs. There simply isn’t a computer or formula anywhere that can outperform one of our employees working proactively to address your pickup needs.

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